Cats played at the ABB Music Theatre in Zurich, Switzerland from August 1991 to December 1993. Immediately after closing in Zurich, the production became the 1994 European Tour, taking the set, production properties, and many of the cast on the road.

Production Specifics

The Zurich production was a descendant of the Vienna production, meaning that, amongst other changes, Griddlebone was played by Jennyanydots rather than Jellylorum. Jemima is credited as playing Quaxo - this is nothing to do with Mistoffelees, rather "Quaxo" is the name of the lead tap-dancing Beetle in Gumbie Cat. The original choreography had an extended tap routine for Quaxo, making the role as prominent as Genghis the lead Siamese Cat, or Rumpus Cat.

NAP 12 Zurich

Production Credits

Info Zurich 1991


August 1991

April 1992, May 1882 cast lists may be for specific performances, no swings listed.

Role August 1991 March 1992 April 1992 May 1992
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat David Kent Matthias Bitterlin
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Rory Campbell Ken-Michael Stafford Grant Newsome
Bombalurina Andie Mellom
Cassandra Laura Quinn Ursula Lysser Annette Wimmer
Coricopat Adam Richard Jones Patrick Kaestli Andrew Grant
Demeter Danielle Brunner Simona Ferrari Niki Ankenbrand
Grizabella (English) Ruth Jacott Niki Romijn Maryanne Kelly
Grizabella (German) Manuela Felice
Jellylorum Niki Romijn Maryanne Kelly Niki Romijn
Jemima / Quaxo Tina Decker
Jennyanydots / Griddlebone Jasna Ivir Bertrice Pavlik
Mistoffelees Tibor Kovats Lindsay Chambers
Mungojerrie / Genghis Michael Fritzke Mark Taylor
Munkustrap Paul Hadobas Grant Newsome Michael Larsen-Disney
Plato / Macavity Alexander Riff
Pouncival Lindsay Chambers T J Hee
Old Deuteronomy Jan Polak
Rumpleteaser Kristi Sperling
Rum Tum Tugger Brian Carmack
Skimbleshanks Rod Roberts Michael Estes Ton Voogt
Tantomile Niki Ankenbrand Ursula Lysser
Tumblebrutus Ton Voogt Matt Baker
Victoria Angela Savage
August 1991 March 1992
Kevin Alvey
Niki Bolen
Kati Farkas
Simona Ferrari
Marion Hägele
T J Hee
Michael Larsen-Disney
John Larsen
Manfred Sievert
Leon Julian Taylor
Leslie Wiesner
Annette Wimmer
Richard Bigelow
Bruce Harris
Meike Staring

 ?? - December 1993

Role Cast
Final December 1993 Cast
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Matthew Jessner
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Marco Vermie
Bombalurina Jina Broughten
Cassandra Leslie Wiesner
Coricopat Neil Giroday
Demeter Simona Ferrari
Grizabella (until Sept) Katherine Condit
Grizabella (Oct - Dec) Ellen Evers
Jellylorum Maryanne Kelly
Jemima Kristi Sperling
Jennyanydots / Griddlebone Delia Mayer
Mistoffelees alternate Kevin Poe
Mistoffelees alternate T J Hee
Mungojerrie / Genghis Andrew Hunt
Munkustrap Grant Newsome
Plato / Macavity David Kent
Pouncival Raymond Chai
Old Deuteronomy Monte Raltsin
Rumpleteaser / Quaxo Maria Jo Ralabate
Rum Tum Tugger Brian Keith Fisher
Skimbleshanks Michael Burrows
Tantomile Patricia Bos
Tumblebrutus alternate Ton Voogt
Tumblebrutus alternate Ad Oudijn
Victoria Angela Savage
Swing Matthias Bitterlin
Swing Helena Hultberg
Swing Michael Larsen-Disney
Swing Ilya Parenteau
Swing Joyce Stevens
Swing Leslie Unger
Swing Michiel Verkoren
Swing John Whitney
Swing Annette Wimmer