'Cats' Musical Wiki

"Cats: Deutsche Originalaufnahme" (translated Cats: German original recording) is the cast recording of the original Vienna cast. Similar to the London and Broadway highlights albums, it features selected songs from the show, with many of them being shortened for the recording. The album is conducted and produced by André Bauer who conducted the Vienna premiere performance.

The album was recorded in Vienna but mastered in Hamburg, Germany.

"Erinnerung / Jellicle Ball" were also released as a single in 1983.

This recording was re-released in 2001 with "enhancements" made to the original tracks, and a bonus instrumental version of "Memory" played by Julian Lloyd Webber (Andrew's brother) and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The photos used for the re-relase did not come from Vienna but from the Hamburg production.


  1. Prolog: Jellicle Katzen
  2. Die Alte Gumbie Katze
  3. Der Rum Tum Tugger
  4. Mungo Jerrie Und Rumpel Teazer
  5. Alt Deuteronimus
  6. Jellicle Ball
  7. Grizabella
  8. Gus Der Theater Kater
  9. Skimble Von Der Eisenbahn
  10. Macavity
  11. Mister Mistoffelees
  12. Erinnerung
  13. Reise In Den Sphärischen Raum
  14. Wie Spricht Man Eine Katze An

Bonus tracks:

  1. Memory - instrumental (2001 re-release)