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Rumple Cats UK Tour 2003 advert

The 2003 iteration of the score for CATS originated for the 2003 UK Tour, shortly after the closure of the original London Production, and is primarily based on that score, with a few cuts made to shorten the running time. This score became commonly used for most European productions following, and was the basis for the 2014 Palladium revisions. This is also the version of the score licensed to community theatre and regional productions.

Despite the tour (and most other productions using this score) not including the characters, Electra, Etcetera, George and Victor are all included, and have their lines written in the score.

Notable features of the score include:

  • The girls sing with Munkustrap's second verse of Gumbie Cat, and the beginning of the tap (up to and including the "Rule Britannia" section) are cut.
  • Growltiger contains the Ballad, not the Aria, and all of the sword-fight music is cut.
  • The beginning of the Macavity fight is cut.