'Cats' Musical Wiki

Tracy Stiles has been the costume supervisor for most London-based European productions of Cats.

Cats History[]

Zürich, 1991-1993

UK Tour II, 1993-1995

Euro Tour, 1994-1996

UK Tour III, 2003-2009

Moscow, 2004-2006

German Tour, 2005-2006

Dutch Tour, 2006-2007

German Tent Tour - 2010-2013

UK Tour IV, 2013-2014

London, 2014-2015

Blackpool & London, 2015-2016

UK Tour V / Europe Tour - 2016

Broadway Revival - 2016

UK/Intl Tour - 2018-2019

Interview - Les Miserables Costume Supervisor[]

How recycling costumes is key to keeping the Les Mis look
The Stage - 9th October 2015.
...Though she didn’t work on the new-look, 25th-anniversary production of Les Mis, Stiles also looks after Cats and has recently been in Paris for a month, supervising costumes for a French revival. She says the forthcoming production at the London Palladium is virtually sorted because it is essentially the same as the Blackpool revival this summer.