Timothy Scott Schnell, also known as Timothy Scott, was an American dancer, singer, and performer who originated the role of Mistoffelees in the Broadway production of Cats.

He sadly passed away due to AIDS related illness on February 24, 1988.

Cats History

Broadway - 10/7/1982 - 4/1984 - Mistoffelees

Personal Life

Timothy Scott was born in Morton Grove, Illinois to parents Richard and Rosemary[1]. He had a long-term relationship with film editor Norman Buckley[2] until his death in their Los Angeles home in 1988[3].


Timothy's career began at the St. Louis Municipal Opera Company, where he was in the chorus for South Pacific and Fiddler on the Roof[4]. He was in the first international company of A Chorus Line, playing the role of Mark[5] in the New York company until 1978. He had his Broadway debut the same year in King of Hearts at the age of 23. He then toured with Dancin' in the first national company. In 1980, he toured Europe with mime duo Shields and Yarnell.

In 1982, he was cast as Mistoffelees in the original Broadway cast of Cats, which he starred in until 1984.

He has appeared on film in Baryshnikov in Hollywood, Laverne and Shirley, Captain EO, Annie, A Chorus Line and a 1981 Dr. Pepper commericial.

1982 Biography

TIMOTHY SCOTT (Mistoffelees) has been on Broadway and toured with Dancin', A Chorus Line and King of Hearts. He was a special guest with Shields and Yarnell and was featured in the film Annie and on numerous TV specials. As Mr. Mistoffelees he wants to inspire everyone to live their most magical dream.



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