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  • Uploading Photos. PLEASE re-name files before uploading, in the format Character/production/year/performer - so "Misto Bway97 Jacob Brent 03.jpg" or "Jellicle Ball UK16 24601.jpg". DO NOT just leave the filename as a string of numbers! It's fine to shorten character names... please do shorten character names... "Bomba Deme Jelly" is much easier than "Bombalurina Demeter Jellylorum US4 1997.jpg"
  • Production pages need more research, more photos, reviews from local papers... we're particularly lacking information about the US Tours.
  • Coding - the easiest way to edit the wiki is through Source Mode - trust me, it's not too hard to get a hang of, and it's much more reliable! Choose "Classic Editor" rather than just hitting "Edit", then switch to "Source" and it's even colour-coded! What I have found invaluable is to keep a text file on my computer desktop and I've copied all the useful little bits of code there.
  • Stub Articles - this is a list of pages that specifically need work. If you think a page needs to be added to this list, add "Article stubs" to the categories or type {{stub}} into the bottom of the source code.
  • Deletion - if you want an admin to delete a file, photo, page, then add "Candidates for deletion" to the categories, or type {{delete}} into the bottom of the source code.
  • Cast Recordings - we really need a page for each professionally produced cast recording! Bit of background, track list, date, language, etc.
  • Musical Numbers pages need a lot of work! They're getting lost behind the characters and the actors. If anyone wants to focus on what's actually performed onstage that'd be great!
  • Bibliography - we could do with a list of relevant published books. Starting with the most obvious "The Book of the Musical" in its various iterations, actor's memoires, there's a couple of art books like Catgrafika.... Programmes/picture brochures aren't counted as books usually unfortunately.
  • Adding Cast to the Database - if you know of a performer who's not yet listed, please add them to the production they were in! If you have a full cast list, even better, if you have a definite date for that cast list, brilliant! All the information is sourced from old programmes and information online. It's nowhere near complete.
  • Similarly, updating the Cast database is needed - play favourites if you like and add detail to the performers of your favourite production or character... We have quite big galleries now so linking the photos onto the performers' pages is worthwhile...
  • Blogs - we have the feature here to blog, your own personal space to talk about the Wiki, the Musical, the Costumes... Keep it at least tangentially related, but please make use of this space!
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