'Cats' Musical Wiki

Cats Credits[]

London - 02/1987 - Admetus / Macavity

London - 06/1988 - Admetus / Macavity

London - 08/1988 - Admetus / Macavity (cover Munkustrap)

London - 01/1989 - Admetus / Macavity

London - 04/1989 - Admetus / Macavity

Biography (1987)[]

Sandy Strallen was educated at Millfield School and started dancing in 1975, working with Ballet Classione de France with which he toured Europe. He returned to the UK and joined the 'Second Generation' and was involved in cabaret and television and films quite extensively.

With his wife, Cherida, he formed an Adagio act Libra and Leo and they appeared all over Europe, Paris and Monte Carlo and a season at the London Palladium.

Cats is the second Cameron Mackintosh production Sandy has appeared in as he was an original member of Song and Dance at the Palace Theatre. He dedicates this show to his family.