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Cats Credits[]

London - 12/1987 - Jemima

London - 03/1988 - Jemima

London - 06/1988 - Jemima (cover Jellylorum)

London - 08/1988 - Jemima

London - 01/1989 - Jemima

London - 04/1989 - Jemima

Biography (1987)[]

Ruthie Henshall started dancing at the age of 13 and eventually trained with Laine Theatre Arts College. Her first professional engagement was a summer season in Clacton followed by pantomime in Aldershot where she played the role of Dandini in Cinderella. Following that, she successfully sang her way through to the final of the Irish Song Contest. 1986/7 saw Ruthie on national tour with A Chorus Line playing the role of Maggie. She comes to Cats directly from that tour for her West End Debut.