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This is the gallery for the character of Rumpleteazer, focusing on productions which opened between 1981 and 1989. This gallery is split into decades:


UK Productions

Original London Production

Subsequent London Casts

UK Tour 1989

US Productions

Original Broadway Production

"Rumpleteazer" was only featured as a puppet made out of junk, played by the Etcetera performer for their number until mid-1987, when Etcetera was cut and Rumpleteazer became a full character as in other productions.

Subsequent Broadway Casts

US Tours 1-4

US Tour 1

US Tour 2

US Tour 3

US Tour 4

Japanese Productions

Tokyo 1983

Osaka 1985

Tokyo 1986

Nagoya 1988

Australian Productions

Sydney 1985

Melbourne 1987

Australia Tour 1989

German Productions

Hamburg 1986-2001

Other Productions

Vienna 1983-1990

Toronto 1985/Canadian Tour

Amsterdam 1987

Paris 1989