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Cats Credits[]

London - 05/1981 - Alonzo / Rumpus Cat / Tumblebrutus[1]

London - 07/1981 - Alonzo / Rumpus Cat / Tumblebrutus/ Tumblebrutus[1]

London - 01/1982 - Alonzo / Rumpus Cat / Tumblebrutus (left by 03/1982)

London - 02/1983 - Alonzo / Tumblebrutus[1]

Biography (1981)[]

Roland Alexander has danced with the National Ballet of Canada and the Irish Ballet Company and as a singer has experience both in opera and pop repertoire. The musical he has appeared in include Kismet, Grease, Hello, Dolly! and Aladdin at the London Palladium. He has appeared in many variety programme on television and in the Song for Europe contest. He also has extensive experience of acting in and directing television for children, and writes music for dance.



  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This is the "Tumblebrutus" in Growltiger's crew, rather than Tumblebrutus the ensemble character.