Rebecca Parker is an English actress and dancer. She portrayed Cassandra in the 1998 Cats film.

Cats Credits

London - 04/1995 - Swing

London - 11/1995 - Bombalurina

London - 04/1996 - Bombalurina

London - 10/1996 - Bombalurina

London - 02/1997 - Bombalurina

1998 Movie - 08/1997 - 09/1997 - Cassandra


Training: The June Hornby School of Dancing in Weymouth, and the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts.

Theatre: Original cast member of Crazy for You and a Bolero Dancer in Copacabana, Cassandra and Bombalurina in Cats.

Television/Film: The Laurence Olivier Awards 1993, Aspel and Friends, Jim'll Fix It in 1975, Children In Need 1979, GMTV, and The Word with Daniel Behr (Channel 4). Pop videos such as a recent Elton John single. Cassandra in the Cats video, Hey! Mr. Producer, and South Girl in the Jesus Christ Superstar video.



  • Rebecca Parker was cast as Cassandra in the movie, despite having years experience playing Bombalurina and only having covered Cassandra as a swing before.
  • Although initially named as playing Bombalurina in the 2016 tour, Rebecca never appeared in the production. No reason was given, and the swing that covered the role was promoted to first cast.
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