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Cats Credits[]

US Tour 1 - 06/1986 - Cats Chorus

US Tour 1 - 10/1986 - Cats Chorus

US Tour 1 - 02/1987 - Cats Chorus (cover Old Deuteronomy)

US Tour 1 - 05/1987 - Cats Chorus

US Tour 1 - 08/1987 - Cats Chorus

Biography (1987)[]

R. F. Daley joined the Cats company in Chicago, where he had been very active in the exciting theatre industry there. As well as being a performer, Bob is a writer and composer. He and his wife, Nancy, have written and produced extensively for the theatre and industrial stage. Their most recent project Nutcracker/Now is being produced by the Marriott Theatre in Chicago. Bob and Nancy's favorite collaboration is to date their son John.