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This is a gallery for the character of Quaxo, as an entirely separate character from Mistoffelees.


Design originally intended for Quaxo, re-assigned to Alonzo for the Broadway production.

European Productions[]

Vienna-based productions used the name "Quaxo" as the lead tap-dancing beetle. In Vienna he is a dedicated ensemble role; other productions double "Quaxo" with another role.

Vienna 1983-1990[]

Paris 1989[]

Zurich 1991 / Euro Tour 1994[]

Australian Productions[]

Australian-based productions use "Quaxo" as a name for a swing role.

Australian Circus Tent Tour[]

Australasia 2007-2010[]

Asia Tour 2014[]

Named swing

Other Productions[]

Mexico Tour 1991[]

Buenos Aires 1993[]

In this production Quaxo is a named swing who covers the Alonzo and Plato/Macavity tracks.

South Africa/World Tour 2001-05[]

South Korea Tent Tour 2003[]

South Korea 2008 and South Korea 2011[]

South Africa 2009[]

China 2012[]

Named swing, covering Munkustrap, Tugger, Plato, and Macavity