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While Quaxo is sometimes used as an alternate name for Mistoffelees, in some productions Quaxo is a separate character with no connection to Mistoffelees. In these iterations of the show, Quaxo is either the name of the Lead Beetle in "The Old Gumbie Cat" or the name of an ensemble or swing character.

Lead Beetle

In some 1980s/1990s productions, notably those based on the original Vienna production, Quaxo is the name given to the lead Beetle in "The Old Gumbie Cat". The original choreography gave this Beetle an extended dance role which saw the character feature in a tap dance-off with Jennyanydots, making it a featured role similar to the Rumpus Cat.

In the original London production, the lead Beetle was played by the actor playing Mistoffelees. In other productions, the role went to either the ensemble cat also named Quaxo, or to the actor playing Jemima or Rumpleteazer.

Graham Fletcher as Quaxo/Mistoffelees, London 1982

Ensemble/Swing Cat

In some productions, Quaxo is a named male ensemble or on-stage swing character. He is generally a sandy brown and grey, with a distinctive black stripe on his right ear. He can be either a kitten or "tall boy" swing.


"Quaxo" is mentioned in "The Naming of Cats" as one of the "peculiar, and more dignified" names.

International Names

The following names have also been used for the character of Quaxo in various international productions:


His ensemble/swing appearance seems to be based on the Broadway Alonzo costume, which is itself a development from a design originally intended for Quaxo as a character in the original production. However some versions of Quaxo's costume seem more closely related to the Pouncival costume, with more grey than brown tones.