'Cats' Musical Wiki

Follow the Editing Guidelines[]

Read, listen, and learn how this wiki is run. Take your time to get the hang of how things work here. Please ask questions! Everyone makes mistakes, that's not a problem, but you need to demonstrate a willingness to learn. Deliberately ignoring these guidelines after repeated requests will result in a ban for Vandalism.

Respect Other Editors[]

Positive Contributions[]

Your edits should be in good faith, and should aim to improve the wiki. Negative and destructive patterns will be classed as Vandalism and will earn a ban.

Give Editors Space[]

If another Editor is actively working on a section of the wiki, hold back from editing those pages. You may see mistakes and errors, allow them an hour or two to finish before you correct anything. They are likely to get to it themselves and we can only do one thing at a time.

Do not deliberately leave large amounts of unfinished work for other editors to clean up. If you want to take on a project that will not be completed in a day, consider using the blog format or sandbox to draft the new material, and paste it in once complete.

A WIP template could be useful to mark pages that are actively being edited

Community Humility[]

Accept that your contributions to this community project may be edited, re-worded, or substantially changed from your original contributions. Please feel free to dispute changes and explain why you had it set the way you did, but please leave the ego out of it. Do not get offended or upset, but do justify your decisions. It's likely the Editor who altered your work did not follow what you were doing, so explain.

Privacy for Performers[]

See Privacy Policy for more details - in short, personal information and photos should be removed from Performers' pages on request, and not re-added. Some system of Categories or restricted access is needed to mark these pages so information is not restored in good faith edits

Goes Without Saying[]

Trolling and Vandalism is not acceptable. Behaviour such as blanking pages, irrelevant advertising, nuisance edits, anything deliberately wasting the time of Editors will result in an immediate permanent ban.

What Gets Deleted?[]

Duplicate files will be deleted as part of housekeeping, so always check before uploading. Irrelevant comments on articles will be deleted - this includes comments such as "I think he's hot", off-topic chat, headcanons. The place for those conversations is in the forum or Blogs, not article comments. Comments such as "Here's a source for info for this article" are appreciated, the source will be incorporated into the article, and then the comment deleted once it is out-dated.

Warnings and Bans[]

If you are advised to change your behaviour, please listen and take the information in good spirit. If you continue to ignore requests to follow these rules, you will receive a warning. Should that warning be ignored, that will be taken as an indication of bad faith, and you will be banned permanently.

Central Fandom Policy[]

There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.