Cats opened in the Théâtre de Paris February 23, 1989 and ran until April 29, 1990.

Production Specifics

Like the Amsterdam production, the Paris production was staged by John Yost who was the Resident Director of the Vienna production. The production was completely based on the Vienna show, including all the specifics from Vienna like the shortened "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" number and the mute Mistoffelees. Also the costumes and stage design were similar to the ones from Amsterdam and Vienna.

Many performers who were in the Vienna and Amsterdam versions before or after, were also in the Paris cast, including Matthew Jessner, Guy Paul Roult and Herbert Neutgens.

A great deal of photographic material from this production is hosted at Bibliothèque nationale de France[1] [2]

Creative Team

Associate Director and Choreographer: John Yost

Original Choreographer: Gillian Lynne

Translator: Jacques Marchais


Character Translation 02/1989 [3] Late 1989 [4]
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Alonzo / Grand Charivari Hubert Helleu des Haubois Derek Daniels
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones / Growltiger Gus / Bustopher Jones / Matamore Tim Robin
Bombalurina Cristina Grimandi
Cassandra Marjorie Hardwick Theara Ward
Coricopat Chauner Gallan
Demeter Laure Balon
Grizabella Grizabelle Gay Marshall
Jellylorum Pascale Degli-Esposito
Jennyanydots / Griddlebone Amélie Ron Ron / La Chatelune Marie Illes Judith Papp-Orsagh
Mistoffelees Mistopheles Tibor Kovats Guy-Paul de St Germain
Mungojerrie Mongojerry Alexandre Beaulieu
Munkustrap Munkestrap Matthew Jessner
Old Deuteronomy Vieux Mathusalem Gilles Ramade Philippe Ermelier
Plato / Macavity Malco Rev
Pouncival / Genghis / Quaxo Jean-Marc Genet Oliver Ray (not Quaxo)
Rumpleteazer Patricia Ward Meike Staring
Rum Tum Tugger Rocky Tam Tam Frédéric Norbert
Sillabub Anne-Marie Ohlicher
Skimbleshanks Edgar Thierry Gondet Jean-Marc Genet
Tantomile Joëlle Turcotte Kayla Schwartz
Tumblebrutus Gilles Vajou
Victoria Ellis van Evert
Old Genghis - Walking cover? Vieux Genghis Gregory Schramel Andrew Currie
Swings 02/1989 Late 1989
Alexandre Bonstein Leslie Aryam
Jean-Charles Collin Rodolphe Briand
Andrew Currie Sandrine Diard
Brigitte Derks Patricia Grégoire
Laura Giosh Fabrice Herrault
Kayla Schwartz Roslyn Howell
Meike Staring Grant Newsome
Céline Lepape
Claude Minich
Herbert Neutgens
Rachel Snow
Lisburn Thomas
Joëlle Turcotte
Martin Matthias Ysebaert


Cats Paris Molières

Cats Paris Molières.avi

Gay Marshall as Grizabella

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