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Olivia is a common on-stage chorus/swing character in Australian and Asian productions, seeming to originate in the World Tour in 2001 in order to gain more female chorus names. Her name however, does not appear in "The Naming of Cats". Olivia is known as an ensemble and dancing character.


Olivia is a very friendly, welcoming young cat despite that little is known about her personality. She is considered extremely friendly and loving. Olivia is helpful to others and likes to interact with the friendly members of the tribe.


Olivia is a chorus cat. As a result, she does not have any featured moments, as she understudies six or more other roles, and the character is cut when doing so. She dances in large ensemble numbers and sings chorus.

She seems to usually be the adult female swing, covering all of the female roles that aren't kittens.


Her costume design appears to be the same as the design which was used in the Tent Tour for chorus Jemima.

Olivia is White and Gray with Champagne coloured markings, usually appearing somewhere from older kitten to younger adult in age. She has a White chest with a Gray and Champagne tabby appearance. She has Gray fluff on both her arms and legs warmers with a little bit of shades of Champagne in it.


South Africa / World Tour

Australasia 2007-2010

South Korea 2008 and 2011

China 2012

Asia Tour 2014

Madeline Cain

Australia NZ 2015

Madeline Cain