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Cats Credits[]

Hamburg - 1993 - Pouncival

Hamburg - 04/1995 - Pouncival (cover Mistoffelees)

Hamburg - 10/1995 - Pouncival (cover Mistoffelees)

Hamburg - 02/1996 - Pouncival (cover Mistoffelees)

Antwerp - 05/1996 - Swing (cover Mistoffelees, Pounce)

Hamburg - 05/1997 - Swing

Hamburg - 11/1997 - Swing (cover Coricopat, Mistoffelees, Pouncival)

Hamburg - 04/1998 - Swing (cover Coricopat, Mistoffelees, Pouncival)

Circus Tour - 12/1999 - 02/2001 - Mistoffelees 

Married to Carolyn Ferrie

Biography (1999)[]

Oliver was born in Berlin and began his career training in the Hungarian Dance and Arts Academy in Budapest. During his nine years of full-time training in all aspects of performance, he performed with the Hungarian National Ballet and National Opera Companies.

At the age of thirteen, he was chosen to star in a telemovie. After graduating with a Diploma of Performance he joined the Hungarian National Ballet performing roles in classics such as Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Spartacus. He also danced modern pieces from choreographers including Kylian, von Hannen and Forsythe. With a guest contract with a ballet company in Germany, Oliver began a new aspect of his career, in musical theatre, dancing in shows such as West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof and Kiss Me Kate. In 1995, Oliver joined the cast of Cats in Hamburg, Germany and was part of the original cast of Cats in Belgium and worked with Gillian Lynne. He has had many highlights throughout his career including travelling the world performing in galas and festivals, that featured such companies as the Kirov and New York City Ballet, and in Budapest was honoured to perform with Rudolph Nureyev in Cristoforo. Oliver is excited to now be performing in Australia and looks forward to also pursuing his other passion - photography.



Now an Adelaide-based Photographer - Cats Returns to Adelaide - Photo Feature