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Noilly Prat is an on-stage swing character in Australian and Asian productions, seeming to originate in the World Tour in 2003 in order to gain more female chorus names.

Personality and role

The Chinese production's official website describes Noilly Prat as "a charming young female cat".[1]

As a chorus cat, she does not have any featured moments as she understudies other roles, and the character is cut when doing so. She dances in large ensemble numbers and sings in the chorus.

The Noilly Prat performer usually covers the non-kitten female roles such as Demeter and Rumpleteazer.


The name "Noilly Prat" comes from a brand of wine and was conceived by T S Eliot for an "elegant cat".[2] She however, is not mentioned in "The Naming of Cats".


South Korea Tent Tour 2003

China 2012