'Cats' Musical Wiki

Cats Credits[]

Sydney - 07/1985 - Cassandra

London - 03/1988 - Cassandra

London - 06/1988 - Cassandra

London - 08/1988 - Cassandra

London - 01/1989 - Bombalurina

London - 04/1989 - Bombalurina

UK Tour - 03/1990 - Bombalurina

Biography (1987)[]

Nadia Strahan is appearing in the London production of Cats playing the role she originated in the Australian production and which she has played for the last year. As a native Australian Nadia's career has kept her busy in her own country and her credits there include being an original member of the Sydney City Ballet Company, a member of the Tony Bartuccio Viscious Rumours Dance Group and appearing in the National Tour of Oklahoma!

Television appearances have included Waterfront, Capriccio, Countdown, The Restless Years and countless guest spots on regular television shows in Australia.