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Munkustrap is one of the main characters in the 2019 Cats movie. He is played by Robbie Fairchild.

Emcee of the annual ball, Munkustrap is the leader of the cats and heir apparent to Old Deuteronomy. Dignified and energetic, he protects the younger cats and guides Victoria into the new world.
— Cats Movie Program


Munkustrap is level-headed, amiable, and brave. He is a natural leader, and protector of the Jellicle tribe.


Munkustrap is the narrator of the story. He helps guide newcomer Victoria in the Jellicle way of life. He patiently explains their customs and introduces Victoria to the different members of the tribe. When Grizabella first appears, he is wary and sees her as a potential threat, believing that she once worked for the villainous Macavity. Despite this, he stops and berates the other cats for trying to harm Grizabella, showcasing his compassionate side.

His singing and dancing is featured heavily throughout the movie, including significant parts in "The Naming of Cats", "The Old Gumbie Cat", "Old Deuteronomy", "The Jellicle Ball", "Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat", and "Magical Mister Mistoffelees".


Munkustrap is a grey tabby. He wears a black collar with a gold tag that says "32 Wincott St London 01", and appears to be well cared for.




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  • Munkustrap is very close friends with Jennyanydots. He visits the house she lives in frequently.
  • Munkustrap is the son of Old Deuteronomy; younger half-brother of Mavcavity, and the elder brother of Rum Tum Tugger.