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This is the gallery for the character of Mungojerrie. This gallery is split into decades:


UK Productions

Original London Production

John Thornton in the Original Cast, 1981. Early rehearsal photos show Les Saxon as Mungojerrie instead.

Subsequent London Casts

UK Tour 1989

US Productions

Original Broadway Production

Mungojerrie was only featured in the "trash puppet" costume, played by the Coricopat performer for their number until mid-1987, when he became a full ensemble character as in other productions.

Subsequent Broadway Casts

US Tour 1

US Tour 2

US Tour 3

US Tour 4

Japanese Productions

Tokyo 1983

Australian Productions

Sydney 1985

Melbourne 1987

Australia Tour 1989

German Productions

Hamburg 1986 - 2001

Other Productions

Vienna 1983-1990

Toronto 1985/Canadian Tour

Amsterdam 1987-1992

Paris 1989