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Mistoria (also known as Victorffelees) is the fandom pairing of Mistoffelees and Victoria.

Mistoffelees and Victoria share many similarities that suggest they may make a well-matched pair; they are often the two most prominent classical dancers in the cast, and both are usually portrayed as elegant, graceful cats. They usually share a short dance interlude during "The Invitation to the Jellicle Ball" and in a few productions, they dance the pas de deux in the "Jellicle Ball" (known to fans as the "mating dance"). In the Cats Movie 2019, Mistoffelees has an incredibly canonical crush on Victoria and is seen consistently trying to get her attention.

Notable Productions[]

  • Paris 1989, Zurich 1991 - Mistoffelees and Victoria dance the intimate pas de deux in these productions.
  • Cats Movie 2019 - They are a prominent and canon ship in the movie and Mistoffelees has a crush on Victoria.



Note: Some of these interactions are specific only to certain performances and/or productions.

  • Mistoffelees rubs her leg to the "Invitation to the Jellicle Ball".
  • He seemed to be teleporting or guiding her to the other Jellicles, during the Invitation.
  • When Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer make the sudden noise, the cats think it is Macavity. Victoria pulls Quaxo close, and they lie down and he holds her to his chest (London 2014).
  • During the Rum Tum Tugger's song, Quaxo tries to pull Victoria away, and she curls around his knee, holding it (London 2014).
  • In a few productions, Misto and Victoria dance the pas de deux ("mating dance") at the Ball.
  • After the train falls over, and Skimbleshanks laughs, the cats do too. Victoria and Quaxo hold onto each other, laughing (London 2014).

1998 Film[]

  • Mistoffelees is the only Jellicle shown watching her during her big ballet solo.
  • From the end of "Old Deuteronomy" to the beginning of "The Pekes of the Pollicles", they are seen to have a small interaction on screen.
  • In the first part of the Jellicle Ball, they have a background stroking session.
  • During Gus The Theatre Cat's song, they sit next to each other in the back. Also, when Gus remarks about Queen Victoria's reign, Victoria falls and Quaxo catches her.
  • They interact and touch hands many times during the show.
  • During Mistoffelees' song, he shoots lightning at her, and they smile at each other.
  • After "Memory"'s reprise, Victoria touches and accepts Grizabella and hands her to Mistoffelees to touch and accept her.
  • When Grizabella was going to the Heaviside Layer, they are seen together on screen during the event.

2019 Movie[]

Mistoffelees has a canonic crush on Victoria, and he is so desperate to draw her attention to him while trying to prove himself to her. He has not once judged her or rebuked her and resorted to using magic tricks to impress her.

  • He calls out to Victoria, taking her safely to the gates, and running away from Macavity, before trying to stand up for her to Cassandra and Demeter.
  • During the scene where Victoria is dancing until Mistoffelees starts singing the Invitation song, before falling off the tombstone slab and awkwardly handing her flowers.
  • During The Old Gumbie Cat song, they sit next to each other when watching the Mice sing and the Cockroaches march.
  • When he was trying to get Victoria's attention in The Rum Tum Tugger song he was holding cards out saying “The Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore.", because Mistoffelees was jealous of Tugger for attracting Victoria's attention.
  • During The Bustopher Jones song, they made eye contact several times. Later, Mistoffelees found some food in the form of a lamb chop and gave it to Victoria.
  • Mistoffelees went looking for Victoria after Macavity kidnapped both Jennyanydots and Bustopher Jones, saved her from the dog after being abandoned by Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer in the house, and after saving themselves, said to her "I've been looking for you everywhere". He returns her back to the Jellicles and even keeps her secret about having gone into and stolen items from a human house by covering for where she got the ring around her wrist by saying it was another unsuccessful magic trick.
  • They danced the pas de deux ("mating dance") together at the Ball.
  • Mistoffelees tried his best with Munkustrap and Cassandra to get Victoria to safety when the ball was crashed during The Macavity song, but was met with failure in the endeavor.
  • In Magical Mister Mistoffelees song:
    • Before the song starts, Victoria asks Mistoffelees that try to bring Old Deuteronomy back from Macavity, because she believes that he is a magician and that he can be successful.
    • When Mistoffelees was about to give up hope on bringing Old Deuteronomy back, Victoria gives him the encouragement he needs to continue by singing alone before everyone else joined back in.
    • They interact and touch hands many times, and Mistoffelees bridal carrying Victoria, hand in hand and running together to the theatre entrance.
  • When Grizabella was going to the Heaviside Layer, they are seen together all the time during the event.
  • They cuddle a lot and Mistoffelees rubbed his head against Victoria in the final scene of Ad-Dressing of Cats.


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