Mistoffelees and victoria by madhatta51-d2vgwjv

Mistoria (Misto/ffelees and Vic/toria) is a possible pairing in Cats.

Other Names

  • Mistoffea (Mistoffe/lees and Victori/a)
  • Victoriaffelees (Victoria and Misto/ffelees)
  • Victorilees (Victori/a and Mistoffe/lees)
  • Vistoffelees (Vi/ctoria and Mi/stoffelees)
  • Victoristoffelees (Victori/a and M/istoffelees)
  • Mistoffectoria (Mistoffe/lees and Vi/ctoria)
  • Mictoria (M/istofflees and V/ictoria)
  • Victoffelees (Victo/ria and Mis/toffelees)

Mistoria moments

Note: Some of these interactions are seen in other productions.

  • Mistofflees is the only Jellicle who watches her during her big solo.
  • Mistoffelees rubs her leg to the "Invitation to the Jellicle Ball."(siblings don't touch each other like that)
  • He seemed to be teleporting or guiding her to the other Jellicles, during the Invitation.
  • When Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer make the sudden noise, the cats think it is Macavity. Victoria pulls Quaxo close, and they lie down and he holds her to his chest. (London 2014)
  • During the Rum Tum Tugger's song, Quaxo tries to pull Victoria away, and she curls around his knee, holding it. (London 2014)
  • At the end of Old Deuteronomy to the beginning of "The Peekes of the Pollicles, they have are seen to have a small interaction on screen.
  • In the first part of the Jellicle ball, they have a background stroking session.
  • During Gus The Theatre Cat's song, they sit next to each other in the back. Also, when Gus remarks about Victoria's reign, Victoria falls and Quaxo catches her.
  • After the train falls over, and Skimbleshanks laughs, the cats do too. Victoria and Quaxo hold onto each other, laughing. (London 2014)
  • They ineract and touch hands many times during the show.
  • In some productions, they do the mating dance.
  • During Mistoffelees's song, he shoots lightning at her, and they smile at each other.
  • After Memory's reprise, Victoria touches and accepts Grizabella and hands her to Mistoffelees to touch and accept her.
  • When Grizabella was going to the "Heavyside Layer" they are seen together on screen during the event.
  • In some productions, after the last number, Mistoffelees dips Victoria and dances with her before going offstage.


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