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Mr. Mistoffelees is played by Laurie Davidson in the 2019 Cats movie.

A magician in training who is still discovering his own powers. Mr. Mistoffelees is popular with the other cats and has a crush on Victoria. His magical powers will prove useful in unexpected ways.

Mistoffelees is a magician cat like his stage counterpart, however he is very meek and insecure about his magical abilities in the movie.


Mistoffelees is a hapless magician who lacks confidence in his skills. It isn't until his big number in the movie that he gains confidence and rescues Old Deuteronomy.

During Rum Tum Tugger song, Mistofelees calls Tugger a terrible bore and tries to distract Victoria into paying attention to him instead. Later on in the number, he is seen hiding his face with his cards when Tugger comes near.

When Grizabella appears, Mistofelees is one of the only ones to be sympathetic towards her. He never hisses or scratches at her. Instead he just gives her sad looks.


Similar to his stage counterpart, Mistoffelees is a tuxedo cat. He is frequently seen wearing a top hat and jacket which seem to be inspired by the Pearly Kings and Queens.

Behind the scenes[]

Laurie Davidson had to prepare choreography for his Mistoffelees audition, but because he is not a trained dancer, his audition dance was - in his own words - "awful" and "brazen". However, this caught Tom Hooper's attention and influenced what the movie character would become.[1]






  • Mistoffelees lives with a human magician and escapes to the junkyard at night.