'Cats' Musical Wiki

Cats opened at the San Rafael Theater (TEATRO SAN RAFAEL) on May 10, 2013, and closed on June 15, 2014. The production then played at the Cultural Center of Mexico City from July 19, 2014, to September 14, 2014, before touring the country and finally closing at the Cultural Center on December 30, 2014 (when the producer's license for the musical expired). It was seen by 500,000 people after more than 400 performances.

The production has a particularly striking visual style and treads the line between Replica and Non-Replica, with designs clearly derived from John Napier's work via the original Mexico Tour 1991 and Buenos Aires 1993 designs. Those productions were replicas, with their own style adapted from the Broadway designs; this non-replica revival adapted those designs into something more colourful and abstract, resulting in a visual boldness which is echoed in the set and lighting.

The influence of the earlier South American productions is most obvious in the choice and design of named swings and chorus characters such as Quaxo, Admetus, and Etcetera. For example, Etcetera's design is based on that of Greycat, instead of looking like a paler version of Rumpleteazer. Several of the creative team and cast had also had roles in the earlier productions, notably Lilia Sixtos (Demeter in 1991, resident director in 2013), Marcela Valiente (Etcetera and costume design in 1991, costume design in 2013), and Manuel Landeta (Munkustrap in 1991, Deuteronomy in 2013).

Each show featured between 30 to 42 onstage performers, including aerial and floor acrobats, and 93 costume changes. Several of these characters and/or named swings were dropped for the subsequent Mexico Tour 2018: Tumblebrutus, Admetus, Quaxo, and the 'acrobats' (see below).

Creative Team[]

  • Producer: Gerardo Quiroz
  • Director: Lilia Sixtos and Jaime Rojas
  • Translator & Adapter: Marco Villafán
  • Musical Director: Juan Manuel Míguez
  • Choreographer: Guillermo Téllez
  • Tap Choreographer: Roberto Ayala
  • Vocal Director (Chorus/Ensemble): Olga Cassab
  • Vocal Director (Solo): Raul Garduño
  • Lighting Design: Manolo Toledo
  • Sound Design: Isaias Jauregui
  • Scenographic Design: Paulette Lemble and Salvdor Núñez
  • Photographer: Miguel Ángel Briones
  • Costume Design: Marcela Valiente
  • Set Builder: José Luis Cervantes
  • Wigs: Gliberto Pérez
  • General Director of San Rafael Theater: Fela Fabregas


  • Coorinator: Lulú León Gallardo
  • Artistic Production Manager: Israel Casillas
  • Technical Production Manager: Chrystian Fernández
  • Stage Manager: Erick Araiza
  • Press: Emilio Morales
  • Artistic Coordinator: Arturo Saldivar
  • Technical Coordinator: Kadif Saldaña


Role Translated Cast


Admetus César Iván Vázquez
Alonzo Vinicio de la Vega
Bombalurina Gloria Toba
Bustopher Jones / Gus Gordocles Cruz Luis René Aguirre
Moisés Palacios
Manuel Gorka (from 09/2014)
Cassandra Fernanda Patiño
Coricopat Coricompás Berch Skerly
Demeter Lisette Garzón
Carolina Laris
Electra Carla Remes
Etcetera Jabnia González
Exotica Exótica Paola Contreras
Grizabella Filippa Giordano
Natalia Sosa
Lila Deneken
Ana Cirré
Myriam Montemayor Cruz
Rocío Banquells (from 19/07/2014)
Jellylorum Agilorum Olivia Bucio Gaby Albo?
Jemima Karla Salvador
Jennyanydots Bombonachona Maru Dueñas
Gloria Aura (until 07/2013)
Lisset (alternating with Maru Dueñas from 27/09/2013)
Mistoffelees Micifustófeles Orville Alvarado
Mungojerrie Pingurriento Dante Hernández
Munkustrap Julio Granados
Marco Salazar
Old Deuteronomy Gatusalém Manuel Landeta Francisco Céspedes (10/2013)
Enrique del Olmo (09/2014)
Victor Manzur (10/2014)
Plato / Macavity Platon / Nefástulo Gerry Pérez Alex Carbajal?
Pouncival Poncival Pablo Rodríguez
Quaxo Claudio González
Rum Tum Tugger Punk Rock Terco Juan Carlos Casasola
Edgar Cañas
Rumpleteazer Rompetrizas Paulina de la Barrera
Pahola Escalera
Sillabub Silabub Tzáitel Santini
Skimbleshanks Mirringo Luigi Vidal
Tantomile Tantomil Alejandra Munguia
Tumblebrutus Tumbabrutus Yair Maldonado Gustavo Picasso?
Victoria Sofia Rozanes
Covers / Booth Singers Covers / Cantantes Jimena Pares (cover Jellylorum)
Renatta Bagó (cover Bombalurina)
Karina Luna (cover Jennyanydots)
Fernanda Medrano ("Singer")
Mariana Morales (cover Cassandra)
Hermes Angeles (cover Coricopat)
Carmen Sarahí (swing)
Jabnia Sarai (swing, cover Victoria and Rumpleteazer)
Arturo Echeverría (cover Old Deuteronomy)
Hector Guedea ("Singer")
Raul Coronado (cover Rum Tum Tugger)
Natalia Leal (cover Tantomile)
Hugo Robles ("Singer")
Naidelyn Navarrete ("Singer")
Raul Avila ("Singer")

Acrobats ("Acrobata"): Natan Fridman, Joel Fridman




Swings / rare characters[]

  • Acrobats Joel Fridman and Natan Fridman: Judging by these photos, the 'acrobats' apparently doubled as Macavity's henchcats. The photo with Victoria was posted on Lisette Garzón's instagram and captioned 'evil/good union', suggesting that the other character in the photo is entirely a villain/henchcat, rather than an extra Jellicle.
  • Admetus
  • Quaxo