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Cats closed in Sydney in August 1987 and moved to Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne where it opened on 10 October 1987, with one preview on 9 October. The production ran until December 1988.

Production Specifics

The Melbourne production was a transfer of the show from Sydney. The cast included a member of the original London cast: Femi Taylor - the original Tantomile - played Bombalurina in Melbourne. She later reprised this role in the West End production. Also Jason Gardiner, who played Alonzo in London and in the 1998 film, was in the ensemble.

As in Sydney, there were 22 cats (no Electra), including Sillabub, Tumblebrutus and Pouncival.

The production closed in December 1988. In October 1989, a touring production that went through Australia started.

Production Team

Recreator of the Original Direction & Choreography: Jo-Anne Robinson

Set Designer: Raymond Huessy


Character October 1987 (Original)


April 1988


December 1988


AlonzoRumpus Cat Mark Hodge Sean Hingston (until 11/88)
AsparagusBustopher Jones Grant Smith
Bombalurina Femi Taylor
Cassandra Loreen Tacke
Coricopat Rod Waterworth
Demeter Linda Hartley Julie Blythe
Grizabella Megan Williams Maria Mercedes (from 05/88)[4]
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Patricia Pitney
Jennyanydots Anna Butera
Mistoffelees Dale Baker
Mungojerrie Garry Ginivan Lorry D'Ercole
Munkustrap Richard Pettyfer Sean Hingston (from 11/88)
Old Deuteronomy John Wood
Plato / Macavity Sean Hingston Gerard Symonds
Pouncival Jess Jiminez Rodney Syaranamual
Rum Tum Tugger Jeff Phillips
Rumpleteazer Rachael Beck
Sillabub Emma Callaghan
Skimbleshanks John Hackett
Tantomile Fo Stamatiou
Tumblebrutus Todd Mckenny
Victoria Melinda O'Connor Penny Handley
Cats Chorus Chris Dickson
Cats Chorus Vanessa Fallon Anne Wood
Cats Chorus Angela Johnson
Cats Chorus Gary Jones
Cats Chorus David Outtrim
Swing Paul McAleer Billy Burke
Swing Rodney Glenn-Smith Shawn Fitzgerald
Swing Hilton Jones (no one)
Swing Lee Lawrence
Swing Peter Lowrey William Mulholland
Swing Gerard Symonds (no one)
Swing Felicity Blackney
Swing Makeely Clarke
Swing Angelina Emanuele
Swing Penny Handley Sharon Millerchip



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