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Some productions, notably the original London Production in its later years (1996-2002), added lines of dialogue to explain the story more clearly. Initially this was only used at matinees, on the theory that more young children were taken to see the afternoon performances.

Productions that Utilised Matinee Lines[]


The Old Gumbie Cat[]

Munkustrap: Well then, Mistoffelees, who do you think it will be?
Mistoffelees: I have a Gumbie cat in mind...

Bustopher Jones[]

Jennyanydots: Pay no attention to her!
Bustopher Jones is not skin and bones...

Boys: Tell us about your clubs!
Bustopher Jones: My visits are occasional, to the Senior Educational...

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer[]

Demeter: Macavity?!
Munkustrap: Stop! Wait! Maybe it isn't Macavity!

Ensemble: ...And there's nothing at all to be done about that!
Munkustrap: Now let's teach them a lesson!

Pekes and Pollicles[]

Munkustrap: Jellicle Cats meet once a year, on the night we make the jellicle choice
And now that the Jellicle leader is here, Jellicle cats can all rejoice!
Make ready!
Remember what I told you to do!
Of the aweful battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles...

Jellicle Ball[]

Demeter: MACAVITY?
Old Deuteronomy: (summoning Jemima and Victoria) Don't Be Afraid! Don't Be Afraid!
Jellicle Cats come out tonight...

Gus, the Theatre Cat[]

Old Deuteronomy: So now, let us consider Gus.
Jellylorum: Gus is the cat at the Theatre Door...


Old Deuteronomy: Well! How about - Skimbleshanks!
Rumpleteazer: The railway cat!
All: The cat of the railway train!

Kittens: Tell us about the Sleeping Car!
Skimbleshanks: It was very pleasant when they found their little den...


Macavity: evil laughter
Take Him! (to henchrats abducting Old Deuteronomy)
I'll be back, for you! (to Demeter)