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Macavity is the main antagonist of the 2019 Cats movie. He is portrayed by Idris Elba.

Macavity is an infamous criminal in the cat world and is very dangerous. He possesses magical powers and wants to be chosen by Old Deuteronomy to be reborn, at any cost. He is willing to threaten the lives of others to get what he wants.
— Cats Movie Program

Macavity's role has been greatly expanded from the stage version, with the character appearing throughout the movie. To complement these changes, he has been given a new motivation for disrupting the Jellicle Ball, namely his desperation to be the Jellicle Choice.


The myth is that cats have nine lives, and [Macavity] has one left. So he's desperate to be acknowledged, and he’s slightly unhinged, and he's obviously met death a few times and gotten past it.[1]
— Idris Elba

Macavity is charming but dangerous and deranged. He desperately wants to ascend to the Heaviside Layer and will stop at nothing to ensure that he is the Jellicle Choice. Similar to his stage counterpart, Macavity possesses the ability to teleport, though in the movie this extends to being able to teleport other cats as well, but is unable to use at the end of the film. He does not seem to have any of his other usual powers, using magical catnip instead of hypnosis to control the Jellicles.

As a criminal mastermind, Macavity has various agents working for him, including Bombalurina, Growltiger, Griddlebone, Mungojerrie, and Rumpleteazer.


Macavity is first seen watching the other cats from afar as they perform "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" for Victoria. He then approaches Victoria and tries to warn her off from the Jellicle Ball, but she went for it anyway to join the tribe (with a bit of help from Mistoffelees).

Throughout the movie, he kidnaps the contestants for the Jellicle Choice (Jennyanydots, Bustopher Jones, Gus, and Skimbleshanks), thinking that this will leave Old Deuteronomy with no choice but to send him to the Heaviside Layer. Instead, Old Deuteronomy tells him that he will never be chosen because he has no soul. In his rage, he kidnaps Old Deuteronomy and brings her to Growltiger's barge, where his other captives are also being held. He tries to make Old Deuteronomy walk the plank, but is thwarted when she is conjured off the ship by Mistoffelees.

In a last ditch attempt, Macavity grabs onto the rope hanging off the chandelier that carries Grizabella to the Heaviside Layer. However, his hands slip and he ends up falling and landing on top of Nelson's Column. He is last seen crying for help as he is unable to get down due to not enough power for teleportation.


Macavity is a reddish brown cat. He wears a torn-up coat and hat. He has bright green eyes and a scar on his face.




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  • Macavity is Old Deuteronomy's oldest son.
  • Macavity is the elder brother of Munkustrap & Rum Tum Tugger that was banished from the tribe for trying to kill them out of sheer spite/bitter jealousy.



  • A wanted poster for Macavity is shown in the movie. According to the poster, the reward for capturing Macavity is £100 (around $9,000 in 2019, assuming the movie takes place in the 1930s).