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A Blackpool production of CATS was mounted in mid-2015, which ran from July 9th to September 6th. The world-renowned Blackpool Opera House hosted the run. Tickets went on sale March 13th 2015. The well-known performing artist Jane McDonald played the lead role of Grizabella.

Production Specifics[]

This run immediately followed the London 2014 production, and incorporates the revisions written by the show's creator, which includes reworking of 'Rum Tum Tugger' and 'Growltiger's Last Stand', as well as the introduction of new characters and costumes. Some cast members from West End reprised their run on the show. Apart from Jane McDonald, the entire Blackpool production transferred back to the Palladium in October 2015, making the Blackpool run effectively part of the same production.

Creative Team[]

Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Choreographer & Associate Director: Gillian Lynne

Addressing Blackpool 2015 23


Role Cast
Blackpool 2015
Admetus / Macavity Javier Cid
Alonzo Alex Pinder
Oliver Ramsdale
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Paul F Monaghan
Bill Bailey Jon-Scott Clark
Bombalurina Emma Lee Clark
Carbucketty Luke Cinque-White
Cassandra Danielle Cato
Coricopat James Titchener
Demeter Anna Woodside
Grizabella Jane McDonald
Jellylorum Clare Rickard
Jemima Tarryn Gee
Jennyanydots Jane Quinn
Quaxo / Mistoffelees Mark John Richardson
Mungojerrie Harry Francis
Munkustrap Matt Krzan
Old Deuteronomy Adam Linstead
Pouncival Jordan Shaw
Rumpleteaser Georgie Leatherland
Rum Tum Tugger Jack Butterworth
Skimbleshanks Evan James
Tantomile Gabrielle Cocca
Victoria Hannah Kenna Thomas
Walking Cover Barry Haywood
Swing Megan Armstrong
Swing Lindsay Atherton
Swing Lucy Brushett
Swing Alex Pinder
Swing Oliver Ramsdale


Performance Images[]