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Aus/Asia Tour (Manila) - 07/2010 - 08/2010 - Grizabella

Interview (2016)[]

Diva Talk: 8 Grizabellas, Including Betty Buckley and Elaine Paige, Share Their "Memory"s - Playbill.com, Sept 2016.

Tony winner Salonga played the role in 2010 in Manila as part of the show’s Asian tour.

How long did it take you to get into full Grizabella makeup each night?
LS: I didn’t have a lot of time to actually get into Griz makeup from my ensemble makeup. In this production, Griz had to dance the “Jellicle Ball“ as part of the ensemble, which means a super-short prep time to get into the iconic Griz getup.

What is the pressure/challenge like of having to deliver “Memory,” the vocally demanding song everyone waits for all evening?
LS: It’s worse than anything!!! It’s much easier being onstage for a longer period of time. Waiting for the entire second act for that one song meant staying warm while the rest of the show was happening. Tough. So tough.

Was there any one performance of “Memory” that stands out in your mind as your best ever?
LS: Maybe the first time I got the song right?! It took my voice about two weeks to really fit into that score. And once I got it, I was able to be consistent with it.

What was the most memorable onstage Cats mishap—either your own or by a fellow cast member?
LS: I don’t really remember anything that stands out. But one thing I do recall is at the end of the first act, after all the cats have finished dancing this really demanding number, everyone laid out on the floor, breathing heavily, exhausted. One thing is for sure: Those swings will be on all the bleeping time!

Why do you think the musical has endured?
LS: Who doesn’t like seeing a bunch of incredible dancers (who can also act and sing) pretend to be cats?!? It’s fun!!! It’s a testament to the music, design, direction and choreography.

What version of “Memory”—other than your own—do you admire?
LS: Betty Buckley’s for sure. Hers was the first one I saw on TV and, man, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Wow.

Cats Blog (2010)[]

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Lea wrote about her 2010 run in Cats for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.