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Cats Credits[]

South Africa - 12/2001 - Swing "Victor"

World Tour - 09/2002 - Pouncival

World Tour - 01/2003 - Pouncival

World Tour - 11/2003 - Pouncival

World Tour - 04/2004 - Pouncival

South Africa - 09/2009 - Skimbleshanks

Biography (2003)[]

Karabo was born in Botswana and started dancing at the age of eleven, doing ballroom and Latin American dance. He won the South African Youth Latin title and went overseas to further his studies in dance. He studied at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts and was introduced to contemporary and ballet. He turned down a full scholarship to NY University to see if he had a chance in the dance industry ­- so far he has no regrets. One of his most exciting moments was when he was introduced to Nina Simone at Sun City.