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Given the full name Guy-Paul Roult de St Germain, he has often performed under shortened versions of his name.

Cats History[]

Paris - 1989 - 1990 - Mistoffelees (cover Alonzo)

London - 11/1991 - Mistoffelees

Amsterdam - 11/1992 - Mistoffelees

UK Tour - 03/2003 - Mistoffelees

UK Tour - 11/2003 - Mistoffelees

UK Tour - 11/2004 - Mistoffelees


Paris 1989[]


Alonzo (cover)

London 1991–92[]

Amsterdam 1992[]

UK Tour 2003–04[]


  • In the Paris production, after only a few weeks of rehearsal, Guy-Paul had to jump in to cover Alonzo five times as there were no Alonzo covers left. He didn't enjoy the role, feeling it didn't suit him physically and didn't suit his personality.[1]
  1. Facebook comment: "This wasn't my true role. I must admit that I hated dancing this one, because it didn't suit me physically and it didn't suit my personality. Luckily I didn't have to dance it more than five times before I was given a role which suited me much better."