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The first German tour of Cats ran from 2nd April 2005 until 28th May 2006. Both the premiere and the last show played in Munich. In between, the tour went to four other cities across Germany as well as Basel in Switzerland.

Production Specifics[]

The whole tour was a continuation of the Düsseldorf production, which was effectively a very long first engagement of the tour. Cast, set, costumes, makeup designs, etc. were transfered from Düsseldorf. The score (the reworked score of the 3rd UK Tour) also remained the same.

Tour Dates[]

City, Country Venue Start End
Munich, Germany Deutsches Theater 2 Apr 2005 29 May 2005
Bremen, Germany Musical-Theater 2 June 2005 10 July 2005
Dresden, Germany International Congress Center 15 July 2005 14 Aug 2005
Hannover, Germany Theater am Aegi 19 Aug 2005 25 Sep 2005
Basel, Switzerland Musical Theater

1 Oct 2005

27 Jan 2006

15 Jan 2006

25 Feb 2006

Leipzig, Germany Kohlrabizirkus 4 Mar 2006 2 Apr 2006
Munich, Germany Deutsches Theater 7 Apr 2006 28 May 2006


Character 03 / 2005 07 / 2005 10 / 2005


03 / 2006
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Dominik Hofbauer
Bustopher Jones / Gus / Growltiger Claus Dam Hardy Rudolz (from May 05) Jens Janke
Bombalurina Florence Kasumba Carien Keizer (from July 05)
Cassandra E'Lia Eleonora Bonin
Coricopat Christian de Varas Daniel Ruiz Orellana
Demeter Lada Kummer Ellen Wawrzyniak
Electra Lara Glew
Grizabella Maaike Schuurmans Masha Karell Maaike Schuurmans
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Eva Gullvag Aasgard
Jennyanydots Patricia Gressley
Mistoffelees Mark John Richardson
Mungojerrie Markus Giess
Munkustrap Gido Schimanski Jack Rebaldi (from Oct 05)
Old Deuteronomy Reinhard Brussmann Anton Rattinger (from Oct 05) F. Dion Davis
Plato / Macavity Vanni Viscusi Philipp Hägeli
Pouncival Andrea Casati Andrés Pérez Lopez
Rum Tum Tugger Arne Stephan Linus Fagerström
Rumpleteazer Selma Rudalics Joanne McShane
Sillabub Marides Lazo
Skimbleshanks Uli Scherbel Uli Scherbel
Nils Sundberg (from Dec 05)
Nils Sundberg
Tantomile Patricia Meeden Kerstin Zwanzig
Tumblebrutus Daymon Montaigne-Jones
Victoria Karen Williams Elisabetta Pignataro
Swing Brian Bowley
Swing Damo
Swing Monica Gugganig
Swing Michelle Marier
Swing Giuliano Mercoli
Swing Karin Sang
Swing Caroline Sommer
Swing Andrew Waters
Swing Ellen Wawrzyniak
Swing Gemma West
Swing Stephan Zenker
Swing Michael Knese (from Feb 06)
Swing LaSinga Koloamatangi (from May 05) LaSinga Koloamatangi
Swing Pepe Munoz (from July 05)
Swing Stefan Huebsch
Swing Anton Perez (from Feb 06)
Swing May-Britt Dettbarn
Swing Patricia Hodell
Swing Thomas Margies
Swing Francesca Taverni
Swing Florian Theiler



Gala in Munich, 18 April 2006




  1. Basel, Oct 2005
  2. Basel, Jan 2006