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This is the gallery for the character of George. The George costume design is frequently used for Pouncival.


UK Productions[]

Original London Production[]

John Chester in the Original Cast, 1981

Subsequent London Casts[]

1998 Film[]

Frank Thompson as Rumpus Cat / George

London Palladium[]

Used costumes for Swings and press appearances.

UK/International Tour[]

Following the use of the George costume for Pouncival in the London revival, the subsequent UK Tour has used the George, both the later London and Palladium style, costumes for Swings and press appearances.

Palladium "George"/"Pouncival"

Original London "George"

Australian Productions[]

The 1989 tour was the first Australian-based production to use named Swings.

Australia Tour 1989[]

Australasia 2007-2010[]

Asia Tour 2014[]

Australia NZ 2015[]

This production included George as a full character, not a swing role. However the George costume design was taken by Pouncival, so he appeared as a soft grey cat.

Asia Tour 2017[]

Asia Tour 2020[]

South Korea 2020

Thalia Burt covered this role on one day - 15 November 2020 - due to a number of absences in the male cast. She renamed George 'Cheryl' for the day!

Taiwan 2022

Asia Tour 2022-2023[]

Other Productions[]

South Africa/World Tour 2001-05[]

As with the Australian productions, the World Tour used George as a named Swing.

Moscow 2005[]

South Korea 2008 and South Korea 2011[]

South Africa 2009[]

China 2012[]