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Geoffrey Garratt is an English actor. He portrayed Skimbleshanks in the 1998 Cats film.

Cats Credits[]

London - 09/1987 - Swing

London - 08/1988 - Swing

London - 01/1989 - Carbucketty

London - 04/1989 - Swing

UK Tour - 05/1989 - Skimbleshanks; Dance Captain

London - 11/1991 - Skimbleshanks (cover Munkustrap)

London - 04/1992 - Munkustrap

UK Tour - 07/1993 - Skimbleshanks

UK Tour - 02/1994 - Skimbleshanks

1998 Movie - 08/1997 - 09/1997 - Skimbleshanks

Hey, Mr. Producer! - 06/1998 - Skimbleshanks

Biography (1987)[]

Geoff Garratt's interest in the theatre started with his appearances with the Cheshire Youth Theatre in such productions as Coriolanus, As You Like It and Romeo and Juliet at the Lyceum theatre in Crewe. He then decided to incorporate dancing in his career and spent sometime at the Merseyside Dance Centre before training full time at the Doreen Bird College.

He joined the York Theatre Royal Company for Jack and the Beanstalk and stayed to appear in Mister Cinders and the late night revue Keep it in the Twenties.

His television appearances include Look North West and the 1987 BAFTA Awards and he has danced in Specials with Les Dennis, Jim Davidson and Michael Barrymore. Geoff has recently appeared in Fiddler on the Roof with Topol at the Manchester Opera House.


UK Tour 1989[]


UK Tour 1993[]

1998 Film[]