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Freya Rowley is a British actress and dancer. She played Tantomile in the 2014 UK tour and played Jellylorum in the 2019 Cats movie.

Cats Credits[]

UK Tour - 02/2013 - Swing (cover Cassandra, Demeter, Electra, Grizabella, Jellylorum, Jennyanydots, Tantomile)

UK Tour - 02/2014 - 05/2014 - Tantomile

Cats Movie 2019 - Jellylorum

Biography (2016)[]

Freya previously worked at the Liverpool Academy of Dance and Drama, and was a part of Strictly Ballroom: The Musical. She portrayed Lilly on Jekyll and Hyde in May 2016. She joined the UK Tour of Cats as a Swing before taking over the role of Tantomile in 2014.


UK Tour 2013/14[]


Cassandra (cover)[]

Demeter (cover)[]

Grizabella (cover)[]

Jennyanydots (cover)[]

Electra (promo)[]

CATS Movie 2019[]