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This is the gallery for the character of Etcetera.


UK Productions[]

Original London Production[]

Julie Edmett in the Original Cast, played an un-named kitten who evolved into Etcetera. The role does not always appear in early 1980s cast lists.

Subsequent London Casts[]

1998 Film[]

US Productions[]

Original Broadway Production[]

The Broadway production originally included ensemble character Etcetera performing the role of Rumpleteazer in the "trash puppet" costumes. Around mid-1987, Rumpleteazer became a full character and replaced Etcetera. However, the US productions retained the very pale tabby look from Etcetera, compared to the much bolder Rumple from the UK production.

Japanese Productions[]

Tokyo 1996

"Tantomile", usually resembling Cassandra in Japanese productions, for this year resembled Etcetera instead.

Australian Productions[]

Australia Tour 1989

Named Swing

Other Productions[]


Vienna 1983-1990[]

The Vienna production included Etcetera, however she wore the darker tabby design usually seen as Electra.


Etcetera is a named swing in Mexico and Buenos Aires, with no featured solo moments. She uses the Greycat/NBQ design: an airbrushed grey-brown with a white back and belly, no arm or leg warmers or shoulder fluff, and a sleek braided tail instead of a fluffy one.

Mexico 1991[]

Buenos Aires 1993[]


South Africa/World Tour 2001-05 / South Africa 2009[]

Etcetera here, as in the Latin American productions, draws on the NBQ/Greycat tradition, with a sleek grey-brown costume and distinctive dark forehead and grey sides to her wig. However, she appears more like Cassandra and Exotica here, having their close curled wig shape rather than the fluffy wig of NBQ. She is an on-stage swing in this production, and when Juanita Yazbek left the show, Etcetera was not replaced and the show ran with fewer swings.

South Korea 2008 / South Korea 2011[]


China 2012[]