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This unusual Electra costume seems to have originated from the 2003 Madrid production, and has since made occasional appearances in German and UK Tours. Most recently it has been used as a swing costume by the UK Tour, alongside a more traditional UK style Electra. Even worn next to each other, the designs are so different they do not appear to be the same character.


Madrid 2003[]

This Electra is not the exact costume used later, being a striking red similar to that of Bombalurina's unitard, but multiple unitards are made for swings, replacements etc and the style is distinctive.

UK Productions[]

These unitards shade more toward brown and orange than the vivid red of Madrid's Electra, blending in better with costumes like those of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, Tumblebrutus, etc.

UK Tour 2013[]

London Palladium and Blackpool[]

The London revival inherited multiple costumes from the German Tent tour, both the traditional Electra costume and the Lightning Electra unitard. While Electra was not a character in this production, both costumes were used by swings for promo events.

Both the traditional Electra costume and the Lightning Electra unitards were also used when a female swing needed to cover the role of Bill Bailey or Carbucketty.

UK Tour 2016[]

Promo in Basel, Alice Cornwell with Dane Quixall, UK Tour 2016