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Cats Credits[]

UK Tour - 11/1989 - Swing (cover Munkustrap)

London - 1990 - alt. Munkustrap


  • In his autobiography All Balls and Glitter: My Life[1], Craig mentions that one evening they ran out of actors to play Munkustrap on the West End because they were all injured or sick so the producer called him up and asked if he would like to play the role of Munkustrap that night (having covered the role earlier on the tour).
  • In the London Production, Munkustrap doesn't dance in the Ball. However, on the 1989 Tour he is included in the choreography, so he just did what he did in the tour and danced in the Ball, causing confusion with the cast members.
  • What was supposed to be one night turned into a month of playing the role of Munkustrap on the West End. He was also in Miss Saigon at this time too which meant he was doing four shows in a week with Miss Saigon, and in the same week doing 4 shows with Cats.