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This is the gallery for the character of Coricopat, focusing on productions that opened between 1981 - 1989. He and Tantomile are usually near-identical twins.

This gallery is split into decades:


UK Productions[]

Original London Production[]

Donald Waugh in the Original Cast, 1981

Subsequent London Casts[]

UK Tours[]

UK Tour 1989[]

US Productions[]

Original Broadway Production[]

Subsequent Broadway Casts[]

US Tours 1-4[]

US Tour 1[]

US Tour 2[]

Japanese Productions[]

The Japanese production uses "Tumblebrutus" for the male twin, and "Coricopat" is an ensemble kitten.

Tokyo 1983[]

Osaka 1985[]

Australian Productions[]

Sydney 1985[]

Melbourne 1987[]

Australia Tour 1989[]

German Productions[]

Hamburg 1986 - 2001[]

Other Productions[]

Vienna 1983-1990[]

Toronto 1985/Canadian Tour[]

Amsterdam 1987-1992[]

Paris 1989[]