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This is the gallery for the character of Rum Tum Tugger's basic, pre-solo look. Both the classic Rockstar Tugger and the short-lived Street Cat version wore this outfit in the first scenes; the Rockstar changes wig and adds items over the basic costume (typically collar, belt, gloves, a garter or sash tied around one leg, different shoes, and of course the mane); while the Street Cat and Broadway revival style costumes require a complete costume change for the performer. (Note that some backstage photos of Rockstar Tugger show the actor not wearing the mane, but otherwise wearing the wig, makeup, and other accessories of the full character: these photos should be counted as Rockstar Tugger, not Chorus Tugger.)

Chorus Tugger only appears in "Jellicle Songs" and "The Naming of Cats" before the performer changes into his full costume.

Whether this ensemble identity is meant to be Rum Tum Tugger or an entirely separate character depends on the production. In the Broadway revival for example, the character was given the name "Bill Bailey" and seemed to be unrelated to Tugger.


UK Productions[]

Original London Production[]

Paul Nicholas in the Original Cast, 1981

Subsequent London Casts[]

1998 Film[]

John Partridge as Tugger

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US Productions[]

Original Broadway Production[]

Subsequent Broadway Casts[]

US Tours 1-4[]

US Tour 5[]

Broadway Revival[]

The Broadway revival specifically names the chorus Tugger identity as "Bill Bailey", bearing no relation to the kitten Bill Bailey in other productions.

US Tour 6[]

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