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Sister to Bonnie Langford, Cherida married Sandy Strallen, and is mother to Scarlett Strallen, Summer Strallen, Zizi Strallen, and Saskia Strallen.

Cats Credits[]

London - 03/1986 - Victoria

London - 02/1987 - Victoria

London - 08/1988 - Victoria

London - 01/1989 - Victoria

London - 04/1989 - Victoria

Continuous run from March 1986 to July 1989.

Biography (1987)[]

Cherida Langford is from a theatrical family and spent seven years training at the Royal Ballet School followed by four years with the London Festival Ballet. She and her husband, Sandy Strallen, have their own adagio act 'Libra and Leo' and have performed in Spain, Monte Carlo and numerous times on British television. She has danced in television specials for Anthony Van Laast, Molly Molloy, Irving Davies, Dougie Squires, Jeff Richer, Arlene Phillips, Barry Collins, Larry Vickers and Gillian Lynne.

Cats is her second Andrew Lloyd Webber show having danced in Song and Dance at the Palace theatre. She is married to Sandy Strallen and they have two daughters.