'Cats' Musical Wiki

Each cat in the show is officially described with three words that help the performers to discover and build their characters during rehearsals. The "three words" help ensure that every character in the show, no matter how minor, is a distinct individual.

This is a list of all known character descriptions. Some productions use variants on the words used for each character.

Character Three Words[1] Alternative
Admetus / Plato Friendly, Easygoing, Protective
Alonzo Vain, Uncertain, Bravado[2]
Asparagus Frail, Wise, Historied Wistful, Imaginative, Frail
Bill Bailey Chaotic, Imprudent, Funny
Bombalurina Generous, Voluptuous, Frank[3]
Bustopher Jones Foppish, Gluttonous, Dapper
Carbucketty Acrobatic, Energetic, Accident-prone
Cassandra Haughty, Disdainful, Aloof Haughty, Disdainful, Lonely
Coricopat Telepathic, Unruffled, Instinctive
Demeter Skittish, Cautious, Paranoid Nervous, Sensual, Secretive
Electra Adolescent, Inquisitive, Daring[4]
Grizabella Proud, Hurt, Indomitable[5]
Jellylorum Practical, Busy, Cheery[4] Dour[6]
Jemima Innocent, Compassionate, Young Dreamy, Yearning, Curious[7]
Jennyanydots Motherly, Controlling, Contented Fastidious, Complacent, Bossy
Macavity Hypnotic, Jealous, Dangerous
Mistoffelees Competitive, Neat, Electric
Mungojerrie Mischievous, Rambunctious, Ne'er-do-well Cheeky, Street-wise, Cocksure
Munkustrap Imposing, Energetic, Courageous Integrity, Discipline, Dignity
Old Deuteronomy Wise, Commanding, Spiritual Wise, Loving, Commanding
Pouncival Adolescent, Inquisitive, Alert
Rum Tum Tugger Vain, Perverse (cocky[6]), Inconsequent Perverse, Preening, Independent
Rum Tum Tugger (Street Cat) Vain, Perverse, Inconsequent[4] Perverse, Preening, Independent[8]
Rumpleteazer Mischievous, Rambunctious, Ne'er-do-well Naughty, Impressionable, Effervescent
Sillabub Dreamy, Yearning, Curious
Skimbleshanks Caring, Bright, Self-regarding[4] (punctual, proud, energetic?)
Tantomile Telepathic, Suspicious, Sensitive
Tumblebrutus Tough, Buoyant, Touchy
Victoria Young, Inhibited, Inquisitive Innocent, Romantic, Un-selfconscious