'Cats' Musical Wiki

Many productions of Cats have released cast albums. "Memory" holds the record as the most recorded song in the world!

Video Recordings

The first official video recording of Cats is the 1998 film, which was a recreation of the stage production. A major motion-picture movie of Cats was released in December 2019, directed by Tom Hooper.

Audio Recordings

A list of all of the official cast recordings of Cats. "Highlights" denotes a recording that is only available as a selection of songs, designed to fit on a single record/cassette/CD. A live recording is one that was recorded of one (or more) live performance, rather than in a recording studio. There are also numerous studio recordings made of the music by non-cast studio singers, which are not included in this list.

1981 - Original London cast recording

1983 - Original Broadway cast recording

1983 - Original Vienna cast recording - Highlights

1984 - Hungarian cast recording - Highlights

1985 - Original Australian cast recording - Only English recording with every song

1985 - Japanese cast recording - Live recording

1985 - Original Norwegian cast recording - Highlights

1986 - Original Hamburg cast recording - Live recording

1987 - Original Amsterdam cast recording - Live recording

1989 - Japanese cast recording

1989 - Original Paris cast recording

1991 - Original Mexican cast recording - Highlights

2001 - Japan cast demo - Four track press promotional release

2004 - Original Polish cast recording - Highlights

2004 - Original Czech cast recording - Highlights - No commercial release due to production company bankruptcy

2005 - Original Moscow cast demo - Five track press promotional release

2006 - Dutch Tour cast recording - Highlights - Live recording

2009 - Original Italian cast recording - Highlights

2011 - German Tour demo - Three track promotional release

2019 - Japanese cast recording

2019 - Cats movie soundtrack - Highlights

2021 - Vienna Revival cast recording

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