The Cats fandom is a young and creative community, inspired by the beautiful, curious characters we see onstage. Many young fans are inspired to take up performing, and dream of one day being in Cats. And never give up on those dreams, some of the stars of the show started off as fans!

  • Cosplay - One of the most immediate forms of fandom is to make, and dress up as characters from the show. There's a strong cosplay community for Cats in Britain, Germany, US, and Australia, and more fans all round the world. As well as our Costume Workshop here, The Cats Costume Discussion Board is the forum-based community dedicated to making Cats costumes.
  • Cats the Musical Twitter RP (Roleplay)
  • Colouring In Pages - produced around the time of the video and for activities around the London production.
  • Fan Art - add your own artwork here!
  • Ships - Which relationships do you prefer, should Misto be with Victoria or Tugger?!

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