'Cats' Musical Wiki

This is the gallery for the character of Cassandra, featuring productions that opened between 2010 - Present.

This gallery is split into decades:

UK Productions

UK/European Tour 2013-14

London / Blackpool Revival

UK/International Tour

UK Tour 2016

UK Tour 2017

UK Tour 2018 (01/2018-10/2018)

UK Tour 2018 (12/2018-04/2019)

UK Tour 2019

UK Tour 2022

US Productions

Broadway Revival

US Tour 6

Equity Cast

Non-Equity Cast

Japanese Productions

The Japanese production uses the name "Cassandra" for the female twin, and "Tantomile" for the sleek brown cat. See Tantomile Gallery for the Japanese version of the "Cassandra" brown cat design.

Hiroshima 2012

Sendai 2013

Shizuoka 2013

Fukuoka 2014

Sapporo 2015

Osaka 2016

Tokyo 2018

Fukuoka 2021

Nagoya 2022

Australian Productions

Asia Tour 2014

Australia NZ 2015

Asia Tour 2017

Asia Tour 2020

South Korea 2020