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Cats Credits[]

Aus/Asia Tour - 05/2009 - Tumblebrutus

Aus/Asia Tour - 01/2010 - Tumblebrutus

Aus/Asia Tour - 07/2010 - Mungojerrie

Asia Tour - 2014 - 2015 - Mungojerrie

Australia Tour - 09/2015 - Mungojerrie

Biography (2015)[]

BRENT OSBORNE has studied Dance and Gymnastics from the age of 10. After many years of studying all styles of dance and acrobatics, Brent went on to perform in the Australian/Asian tour of CATS throughout 2009 and 2010. Brent started the tour as Tumblebrutus, and then moved into the role of Mungojerrie. Brent has performed the incredibly athletic role of Sportacus in the Lazytown. Brent was involved in the global premiere of King Kong Live on Stage and he was a part of the Kingsmen ensemble, which received a Helpmann Award for Outstanding Theatrical Achievement. Most recently Brent has been on tour with Cats throughout South Korea, Singapore and Macau and is delighted to be making a returning home to Australia with CATS in the role of Mungojerrie.


Australasia 2009–10[]



Asia Tour 2014[]

Australia/New Zealand 2015[]