Bombalurina is a principal character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. Her name is mentioned in 'The Naming of Cats' musical number.

She is one of the main female singers, notable for her solo in Macavity the Mystery Cat, and is also a featured dancer.


Throughout productions, she is extremely flirtatious and seems to love being the center of attention. She especially flirts with Rum Tum Tugger who rejects her during his number, "for he only likes what he finds for himself". They later dance together during the Jellicle Ball.

She is often seen with Demeter, with whom she sings Macavity the Mystery Cat and Grizabella the Glamour Cat. Bombalurina rejects Grizabella, but by the end she finally touches and accepts her. There are strong parallels between the confident, glamorous, attractive Bombalurina and how Grizabella must have been in her youth. During the number "Grizabella the Glamour Cat", Demeter shows the old cat empathy, feeling pain and sorrow for her, while Bombalurina shows disgust that someone once as beautiful as herself is now in such a sorry state.

In "Macavity the Mystery Cat", Bombalurina takes a protective role, looking after and comforting Demeter. But she also disagrees with Demeter on many of her descriptions of Macavity's dreadful crimes, making it clear that she is far less intimidated by Macavity, and finds him dangerously attractive. She prioritises Demeter's safety over her own desires, and is as hostile as everyone else to Macavity when he appears.

Many Broadway-based productions pair Bombalurina with Plato, generally at the same time that Demeter is paired with Alonzo. This is due to certain choreographed blocking that was used in these productions, that is notably different to the London production and the subsequent video.


Bombalurina is known to be a very flirtatious queen, most known for this by flirting with the Rum Tum Tugger in "The Rum Tum Tugger".

  • Demeter. Her relationship with Demeter has been debated for a long time. Some say she and Demeter are mates or sisters. However, on the official CATS website, it does say that Bombalurina and Demeter are close friends.
  • Rum Tum Tugger. Her relationship with the Rum Tum Tugger is never quite specified. She flirts with him, as heard/seen in The Rum Tum Tugger.


"Sings Macavity. Excellent dancer/singer with a smokey, strong belt. Tall, slinky and very sexy. Playing age: 25 - 30."

Bombalurina plays a large role in the musical, as a principal singer and dancer. She sings "The Gumbie Cat" with Demeter and Jellylorum, "Grizabella the Glamour Cat" with Demeter again, and "Bustopher Jones" with Jennyanydots and Jellylorum. Her biggest part is in "Macavity The Mystery Cat", which she sings with Demeter towards the end of the musical. She is also a principal dancer, leading a section of the Jellicle Ball and featured throughout the show.


Bombalurina is a striking red queen with a white chest and black spots and marks, generally considered to be a very stylised tabby and white. She is one of the most eye-catching queens, being tall, elegant and self-possessed. She is generally portrayed as a mature adult, who occasionally exhibits kittenish behavior. She wears a black spiked, jeweled collar, and gloves rather than arm warmers.

She is a very sexy cat, dancing sensually around the Toms who find her as attractive as the females do Tugger. She is often referred to as the 'Bombshell Cat'.




While Bombalurina sings in a variety of songs, she has the largest role in "Macavity: The Mystery Cat ", sung by her and Demeter following his abduction of Old Deuteronomy as an explanation of his personality and crimes.
Macavity The Mystery Cat

Macavity The Mystery Cat

"Macavity: The Mystery Cat" as performed in the 1998 film by Rosemarie Ford and Aeva May.


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