• NackyTwelve

    Covers of Memory

    March 1, 2020 by NackyTwelve

    Mireille Mathieu sings the haunting French version.

    Marianne Rosenberg sings the heartbreaking German version, called Traumzeit.

    Unfortunately at this time there is no upload of it anywhere.

    Both singers don't use lyrics that come from the musical however, and they take on their own original stories using the music.

    The Rosendberg German verison is extremely rare but have the more profound lyrics, imo.

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  • AndyRockstar1

    Renee Chambers Is One Of The Ones That Has Been In The Show But Isn't On The Wiki She Has Previously Shown That She Was In The Show But When? Here Is Proof 

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  • Dizzycomputer

    White Cat Solo

    February 16, 2020 by Dizzycomputer

    I think Victoria's solo should be separated from the Invitation and have its own page. Below is what I've come up with for the page.

    I think it'll be useful to split the solo into its various parts, and maybe write a short description for each. But I'm not sure what to label each segment. We can name them after the techniques being performed in each section, but I'm not familiar with dance terminology. Anyone has ideas?

    The "White Cat Solo" is a ballet solo performed by Victoria, symbolising the character's coming of age. The number is a slow, lyrical dance that requires extensive flexibility, balance and classical technique.

    After "The Naming of Cats", the other cats disperse into the shadows, leaving Victoria the White Cat alone centre stage.…

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  • Dizzycomputer

    Revamp lyrics format

    February 6, 2020 by Dizzycomputer

    Perhaps it's time to change the lyrics format we use on this wiki (e.g. Memory#Lyrics). The blockquotes don't look nice in mobile view imo and the blockquotes source code is tedious (sometimes it indents and sometimes it doesn't; need to add

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  • AndyRockstar1

    My Boston Trip

    January 20, 2020 by AndyRockstar1

    I Get To Boston Around 3:45 And It Is FREEZING! So My Dad And I Go Get Some Dinner At Mooyah! (Funny Name Right?) So At 5:30, The Theater Door Opened. I Saw The Call Board: At This Performance, The Role Of Mungojerrie Will Be Played By Tony D'Alelio And Pouncival Will Be Played By Devin Hatch.  I Use The Bathroom Hanging My Coat And Headphones (Which Would Go Missing And Send Me Into "Mom's Gonna Kill Me!" Mode)

    We Get To Our Seats 

    The Show Was Amazing

    Then We Get To The Stage Door

    Keri Came Out And Spotted Me First And Gave Me A Big Hug Followed By Others. 

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  • AndyRockstar1

    My Dream Trip

    January 9, 2020 by AndyRockstar1

    NOTE 1: This Is Fake

    NOTE 2: This Is Based On Disney World Meet And Greets Of Tommy DeBrisay On YouTube.

    NOTE 3: I Will Be Making A Video Called "My Message To The Cast Of The US Tour Of Cats"

    NOTE 4: If You Have Any Connections With Cast Members Of The Show, Send The This.

    I Get To The Opera House Stage Door After An Early Dinner.

    I Wait For A Few Minutes Then All Of A Sudden McGee Maddox Comes Out Of Nowhere.

    "Hey! It's The Famous Andy I Have Seen Before"! He Explained To Me How He Showed Some Of The Cast The "My Message To The Cast Of The US Tour Of Cats" Video I Made.

    While We Are Talking, I Hear Nevada Riley Screaming "ANDY!" 

    I Turn Around And I See Her AND Melody Rose! 

    "I Thought It Was Just You For Some Reason"! I Say, Hugging Them Both.


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  • Belle pullman


    • What happened with the London premiere?  I know it got cancelled, but how early on?  We know Tom Hooper was still editing the day before the NYC premiere.
    • Photos of the ensemble characters?  Can they be identified?
    • Dubbing cast lists needed.

    Character Galleries need splitting - seems to be working.  They also need updating?


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  • AndyRockstar1

    My Dream Version: 

    Overture: The Lights Go Black, Cats Go Around In Theater With The Famous "Green Eyes" While Some Cats Are On Stage For A Split Second Lighting Effect. A Bunch Of Lights Go On Stage To Form The Logo.

    Jellicle Songs: Car Headlights Scare Demeter As She Runs Away. One By One The Cats Appear

    The Naming Of Cats: Same As Original Staging

    Invitation: Same Staging

    Gumbie Cat: Same (With Original Tap) 

    Rum Tum Tugger: The Rap Version Starts Playing But Tugger (Backstage) Says "NO WAY"! And The Rockstar Version Comes On.

    Grizabella: Same Same Staging

    Bustopher Jones: The Same Staging But Once In A While, A Piece Of Food Crosses The Stage, Bustopher Tries To Get It But Gets Pulled Away.

    Mungo&Rumple: Jazz Version But With The Double Cartwhe…

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  • Belle pullman

    Please feel free to argue with me, but it seems excessive to have pages for the people who voiced the foreign dubs of the Cats Movie?  Unless they've also been in the show, of course...  it's not like they've fully performed in the show, just sung for the movie.  Wouldn't a cast list be sufficient?  What benefit is there for a page with just the one credit for a small involvement?  It's not going to be a large part of anyone's career!  And as the show is released in multiple languages, we're going to have a lot of very minimal value pages.  It just doesn't seem worth it.

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  • Belle pullman

    Well.  The movie was certainly interesting!  Overall it was better than I anticipated, and more frustrating for it.  There was a lot of good in there - particularly in the performances - but the let-downs make it a dumpster fire.

    Firstly, the cast.  I thought all the performances were from good to magnificent, and where there were weaknesses, it was in direction not performance.  Jason Derulo was far less annoying than I anticipated, and as I have a massive soft spot for the Rockstar Tugger I was afraid to see a favourite ruined.  He actually left me wanting to see more - he didn't get to sing "Old Deuteronomy" or "Mister Mistoffelees", but what we did get to see was a fun character!

    Robbie Fairchild as Munkustrap was decent, I only wish he …

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  • Belle pullman

    The way the movie character pages work, there's an automatic link back to the main character page at the top of the article.  But we need to manually include a link to the movie page - for example, if someone lands on the "Bombalurina" page, there's only the credit to Taylor Swift in the infobox, nothing links to the movie version.

    So, what's the best way to add this information? 

    • We could do a disambig link at the top of the page like the Tugger pages have - but I'm inclined not to, as that suggests that the pages are equally important.  (I'm not keen on the Tugger pages either, I think the Street Cat can be resigned to a footnote now he's not in use anymore.  That was coded when it seemed like the character was sticking around for the fut…
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  • Belle pullman


    November 30, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I'm trying to get on top of the Wanted Pages list, as effectively this is a list of all the broken links on the wiki. However, it's currently running to 185 links - most of which are missing performers' pages.

    So please.

    • Add the performers page when you add the link to them - or at least come back as the next job you do.
    • Not all cast lists need to be full of links - for Non-replica and Regional productions, generally we're not making cast pages for every performer, only if they're notable in their own right, such as Todrick Hall. There's got to be a cut-off otherwise we'd be adding tens of thousands of pages for all the small regional productions over the past 15 years! So only performers who someone might google "hey, wasn't this person …
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  • Musical5678

    CGI In Movie Updated?

    October 28, 2019 by Musical5678

    In the video revealing the new song "beautiful ghosts", I noticed that Victoria now has more markings on her body and face. It looks like she even has more fur. It looks to me that they added more detail. I knew what we saw in the trailer was probably not finished. I'm just glad they added more detail.

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  • Dizzycomputer

    Canada Cast Sandbox

    October 25, 2019 by Dizzycomputer

     Toronto (03/85 - 03/87)
    Character March 1985 September 1985 November 1985
    Alonzo / Rumpus Cat Martin Murphy
    Asparagus / Bustopher Jones Blaine Parker (till 06/89)
    David Rogers (from 06/89)
    Bombalurina Kerri Lyn Wasylik
    Cassandra Janie Brennan
    Coricopat Gino Berti
    Demeter Monique Lund
    Grizabella Theresa Pitt
    Jellylorum / Griddlebone Martine Fugere
    Jennyanydots Lorena Mackenzie
    Mistoffelees Gerard Michael McIsaac
    Mungojerrie Scott Bolton
    Munkustrap Michael Ehlers
    Old Deuteronomy Jimmie Earl Perry
    Plato / Macavity / Rumpus Cat Ron Proulx
    Pouncival Dennis Lupien
    Rumpleteazer Kiri-Lyn Muir
    Rum Tum Tugger Adam Fleck
    Sillabub Karen Egan
    Skimbleshanks Jay Turvey
    Tantomile Susan Burk (till 07/89)
    Kiki Moritsugu (from 07/89)
    Tumblebrutus Timothy J. Alex
    Victoria Janet Kelle…

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  • Belle pullman

    I've been thinking for a while, the character galleries need some work...  (maybe not adding all the missing pics until I've re-named files that need to be re-named though, perhaps?!)  They can be massive pages for the most popular characters, and is the current heading system the most user-friendly?  What can be improved?

    Over on the Starlight wiki, we've split the character galleries for the main characters into four sections - but then Starlight Express worldwide productions conveniently split into London, USA, Germany, and "other".  Cats has had more productions and the "families" of productions are less immediately apparent to the user. But we could split up the galleries if there's a simple and intuitive system...  

    Looking at Victoria…

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  • Musical5678

    Should we add a Vienna Revival section in the character galleries? I know we already have a separate Vienna Revival gallery. But we don't have any Vienna Revival sections in any of the character galleries. However, we have a section in the character galleries for the original Vienna production. So should a section in the character galleries for the Vienna Revival be added? 

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  • Cats are that?

    So we all now that Grizabella goes to the heavy side layer to be “reborn” but what if we could go back a dig a little deeper? A few questions I’m going to be asking for this theory is that Grizabella is actually dead and will not be able to come back. First question is why did she get chosen to go to the heavy side layer? I know that everyone felt bad for her but I think she was chosen because they wanted to get rid of her. Second question is how do the Jellicles know that a cat is reborn? I mean they’ve never seen the wonders of the heavy side layer? And just because a new cat is born on that night doesn’t mean that they’re reborn? Cats can be born everyday. So she might have just died and is sad that she didn’t get reborn. Last question …

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  • Belle pullman

    I was reading an article today about identity theft, and it featured a performer whose identity was stolen, in part because their date of birth was easily accessible on Wikipedia.  Now, I know we won't have any information on here that isn't publically accessible anyway, but would it be a worthwhile precaution for us to only include Month and Year for birthday information?  That is still plenty of information for our purposes (say, this performer was only 17 when they started; or, send them a birthday card to the theatre, early but the thought counts!) but also would save us actively aiding fraudsters!

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  • Musical5678

    Creepy Junkyard Clown

    October 14, 2019 by Musical5678

    As I was looking at pictures of the Broadway Revival set, I stumbled upon this creepy thing.

    Some of the cast said that they would purposely kick it during the show because they thought it was so creepy. I can't say I blame them. I'm not sure why they added a clown doll to the Junkyard set...I get that it's a junkyard...but still....

    It's so creepy! 

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  • Belle pullman

    Naming the UK Tours?

    October 12, 2019 by Belle pullman

    So, I've been trying to sort out the photos, the Production categories.  I've split up the "US Tour" photos into all the individual tours (I can't find any US Tour 1 images?  everything I've seen re-used Broadway press images).  I've split Vienna Revival off from Vienna...

    But what should we do about the UK Tours?  While the US Tours have always been "US Tour 1, US Tour 4" etc, the UK Tours have always been known by year, which makes for some clunky file names.  For reference:

    • 1989 - 1990
    • 1993 - 1995
    • 2003 - 2009
    • 2013 - 2014
    • 2016 - present

    It's easy to have "Category:Images US Tour 6" but how to phrase the UK equivalent? "Category:Images UK Tour 1989 1990", or "Category:Images UK Tour 2003"?  My concern with only including the opening date is that…

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  • Belle pullman

    Image Names

    October 10, 2019 by Belle pullman

    When uploading photos, PLEASE use a descriptive title! for example - "Misto Victoria London 97.jpg" - just type it in to re-name when you upload it. It makes it far easier to see what's what rather than "DCS1749639dgbkhspotato.jpg" - who knows what that relates to!

    At the moment I'm going through re-naming photos.  The most important thing is that the file name leads with the character/s or scene - then additionally names of performers if possible, production and year.  If there's 3 or 4 characters, don't put the performers names in the filename, use the "Image Description" to add extra information.  Also, don't use punctuation in file names, it causes errors too easily.  File names need to be descriptive but not two lines long!

    Renaming ima…

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  • Musical5678

    When all the information about the musical numbers in the new movie come out, will we add the information to the musical number pages we already have? Or will we create new musical number pages for each musical number in the movie? I would think the later. So we can separate the move from the musical. I'm sure it's going to be quite different from the musical and I think it's good to keep them separated. What do you all think? 

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  • Belle pullman

    Vienna 1986

    October 2, 2019 by Belle pullman

    Vienna was a trip... seriously, so many male kittens? And Andrea Schalk (female) covering just Carby and Bill?

    I so, so wish for clear colour photos of all the costumes in this production!

    Cast 1986 Alonzo / Rumpus-Cat Darryl Robinson (cover Munkus)
    Bustopher Jones / Gus / Growltiger Gene Scheer
    Bill Bailey Otto Scholtze (cover Carby)
    Bombalurina Joanie O' Neill
    Carbucketty Laszlo Czergezan
    Cassandra Laura Edmunds
    Coricopat Matthew Jessner (cover Alonzo/Rumpus)
    Demeter Katherine Condit
    Etcetera Pamela Liebig (cover Bomba, Rumple)
    Grizabella Angelika Milster
    Jellylorum Suzanne Henderson (cover Griz)
    Jemima Elisabeth Meller (cover Jelly)
    Jennyanydots / Griddlebone Valda Aviks
    Mr. Mistoffelees Valentin Baraian
    Mungojerrie Andrew Morris
    Munkustrap Paul Welterl…

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  • Belle pullman

    I figured out how to get a Twitter live feed onto a page - pretty neat way to get the latest from the official twitter.  Over on the Starlight Express wiki it works great on the main page, the production updates every day.  I worked out how to format the main pages with a right-hand column, and the twitter feed adjusts great in that space.

    OK, so over to Cats.  The official Catsmusical twitter is apparently mothballed, hardly any activity there, so there's not much point putting it on the main page in the same way here.

    However, the #catsmovie Twitter account is VERY busy.  It's all about the movie specifically, so it doesn't feel to me to be appropriate on the main page, but perfect on the Cats Movie 2019 page.  However, it automatically ad…

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  • Belle pullman

    Broadway Cast Formatting

    September 24, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I wish Broadway DID follow a regular 3 month, 6 month cast change... but the information just doesn't follow that format, so I think trying to force it into that structure doesn't work. I mean, listing columns for "February / May / October" etc doesn't help. It makes it harder to read and follow what went on when, because there's then so many exceptions to those labels.

    I think it would read better if we have the cast who started the year in January, and then 2-3 columns for cast changes, each with the month by the performer's name. Here's a trial...  it's still not ideal...  It feels like full-on 12 month columns would be excessive, and so much room for error.

    1999 Alonzo Hans Kriefall Jonathan Stahl (Sept 99) Lenny Daniel (Nov 99)

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  • Belle pullman

    Cast List References

    September 22, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I should have been doing this all along!  But the info on this wiki is pulled from all over the place - some from programmes I have in my collection, hard copy.  Some is from other websites, or news articles, official sites, some from images of programmes on Ebay for example - definitely accurate but NOT in my collection. So, going through, this is what I have to hand:


    • 1981/05 - OLC
    • 1981/07
    • 1982/01
    • 1982/11
    • 1983/02
    • 1989/12
    • 1992/05 (my first show)
    • 1993/11
    • 1994/11
    • 1996/12 (first with headshots)

    then we move from landscape to portrait:

    • 1999/07
    • 2000/01
    • 2000/04

    Then, "Theatregoer" Magazine, short-lived attempt to copy "Playbill" but get people to pay for it...

    • 2000/10
    • 2001/05 - autographed 11/05/2001
    • Undated - slight change from 05/2001
    • 2001/10
    • 2002/02


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  • Belle pullman

    Headshot Headaches

    September 20, 2019 by Belle pullman

    So, between desktop and mobile layouts, historical sources and modern tech, and to an extent - just interest - we've standardised headshots too 200 x 200px - this works best on different layouts, keeps it compact, is still big enough to be recognisable.

    I've also been copying the style used on - I can't remember right now which production, but they used a yellow border on all the headshots, which tends to make them look rather good, in my opinion!

    But.  The later years in London went rather OTT on the "ripped paper" motif that's always featured to some extent - every single London headshot has the ripped edge.  So how do I work that into the scanned headshots?  Especially given that I don't have all THAT much patience for this job, I'm not g…

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  • Dizzycomputer

    There are missing Broadway/US Tour Casts. IBDB and this book can help anyone who is interested in adding the missing casts/dates. I screenshot the relevant pages of the book, but had to split each page into two parts for the text to be clear. It's a little confusing to read, but each page has two columns, and you're supposed to read the left column from top to bottom first, then the right column from top to bottom.

    • Some Swings/Cats Chorus are missing in this wiki's list, perhaps more. Book's Cast List (swings/cats chorus start from Page 119 (bottom):
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  • Belle pullman

    Template for Cast Pages

    September 17, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but, I can't work out how to create a guide as such.... so the simple way to do this:

    Here's an example of some decent Cast Member pages  - Gabrielle Cocca, Christopher Favaloro

    The key points every cast page needs:

    • Production they appeared in
    • Dates - month and year if possible
    • Role (cover in italics if known and if relevant)
    • Infobox Actor - duplicating production and role info
    • Defaultsort tag - to make the page appear as surname first in the categories
    • "Cats Credits" title
    • Categories - Character, Productions.

    Then the further information, as and when possible...

    • Headshot - 200 x 200px is ideal, smaller ok, but it needs to be square or landscape, NOT portrait, stupidly, for the formatting of the infobox.  Por…
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  • Musical5678

    Electra in Cats Movie 2019

    September 15, 2019 by Musical5678

    So I was researching the 2019 movie cast and I found something interesting on one of their instagram's. One of the cast members had posted the cast grid of the 2019 movie cast in their story. On the named characters page It said Electra will be played by Ida Saki. This was never announced.  I  can't help but wonder why this hasn't been announced or revealed. Maybe because she's a minor character? I don't know. Does anyone have any ideas why this isn't known? 

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  • Belle pullman

    Lyrics Formatting?

    September 11, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I'm going cross-eyed trying to see why Memory lyrics sometimes indent, sometimes don't!!!   Can anyone point out what I'm missing?  I think for that page, the indent works really nicely... when it works....

    But what about other lyrics?  As the section with Jemima's lyrics show, the ' works well for sections of poetry, but when the lines are split in more of a script-style, that formatting doesn't work so well - see The Old Gumbie Cat for example, it's not great.

    Over on the Starlight Express wiki, we're using collapsible tables for lyrics - for example, Pumping Iron - on one hand, the table format spreads out the lyrics  - on the other hand, the collapsible table then reduces the amount of page taken up by lyrics.  But possibly the collapsed …

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  • Belle pullman

    Videos - File Names

    September 4, 2019 by Belle pullman

    So, I've finally tackled a big job I'd been putting off - sorting out the "Videos" category on this site.


    Please.  If you've ever cared for the well-being of another human being.... 

    PLEASE re-name videos when adding them to this site!  Ideally with the format "Scene - Performer Production Date" (Mr. Mistoffelees - Matt Landel Stanley Allyn Owen RCCL 2016).  But really, as long as it doesn't start with "Cats" I'll retain some sort of sanity!  About half the files started with "Cats" in some concoction.

    There were a lot, a LOT of duplicates - something like 30 of the 250 files were duplicates, either the same video clip uploaded multiple times, or different uploads of the same material.  It's hard to check if the file you're linking is …

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  • Dizzycomputer

    Cast Board from 1 May 1984:


    Grizabella: Akiko Kuno (久野綾希子)

    Jellylorum/Griddlebone: Chizu Hosaka (保坂知寿)

    Jennyanydots: Yuuko Shibagaki (柴垣裕子) - cover? (original swing)

    Rumpleteazer: Youko Asami (浅見陽子)

    Demeter: Mayumi Kamata (鎌田真由美)

    Bombalurina: Tomoko Hanaga (羽永共子)

    Sillabub: Kasumi Aoki (青木香澄) - cover? (new)

    Tantomile: Takako Kitamura (北村岳子) - cover? (new)

    Jemima: Mari Nasu (那須まり) - cover? (original swing)

    Victoria: Mamiko Yaesawa (八重沢真美)

    Cassandra: Megumi Mochizuki (望月めぐみ)

    Old Deuteronomy: Takanori Yamamoto (山本隆則)  

    Asparagus / Growltiger: Akihiko Mitsueda (光枝明彦)

    Munkustrap: Shintaro Sonooka (園岡新太郎)

    Rum Tum Tugger: Jouji Masukawa (桝川譲治) - cover? (original Tumblebrutus)

    Mistoffelees: Osami Iino (飯野おさみ)

    Mungojerrie: Yoichi Kishikawa (岸川洋一) - cover? (o…

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  • Musical5678

    When I was watching the behind the scenes for the new Cats Movie, I noticed something odd but not surprising. Taylor Swift (Bombalurina) and Idris Elba (Macavity) are shown dancing solo together in the behind the scenes clip for Cats. Although in certain shots we see other performers who I presume are the Macavity Girls dancing around Taylor Swift ( Bombalurina) and Idris Elba (Macavity). But strangely enough we don't see Daniela Norman ( Demeter). After rewatching the Behind the scenes clip for cats,I finally spot Daniela Norman (Demeter) dancing behind Taylor Swift (Bombalurina) and Idris Elba (Macavity) during what appears to be part of the Macavity Song. So this may hint that Demeter still has some relationship with Macavity like the m…

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  • Musical5678

    I think instead of Jemima/Syllabub singing Memory with Grizabella,I think they'll have Victoria sing with her instead. Francesca Hayward(Victoria) talked about having to sing with Jennifer Hudson(Grizabella).Which is odd since Victoria in the musical never sang with Grizabella and was just highly featured dancer. But in this new  movie the plot is centered around Victoria the white cat whom Sir Andrew Lloyd Bestseller says is the spirit of the show. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber  also said how he wanted a actress who was both the beautiful solo dancer that is Victoria and the sweet voiced soprano that is Jemima/Syllabub. But they couldn't find anyone who was both so they split the part in two. But perhaps Francesa Hayward(Victoria) is the actres…

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  • Belle pullman

    I've been thinking about this, and I think I want to hold off on adding the Movie characters info to their stage counterparts until we know more about this film.  Is the movie Victoria actually the same character as stage Victoria, or will she justify having a separate page for information about the new version?  I don't think Stage Victoria's page will benefit from having the movie info, photos, etc, etc, and vice vera - Movie Victoria's information would be much cleaner and easier to navigate as a separate page from the stage info.  Of course we'll need prominent links from one to the other, but I think it's worth separate pages.

    But what can we say about Movie Victoria - or Jennyanydots, or Old Deuteronomy - before we've seen the film? O…

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  • Belle pullman

    There's a lot of conversation all over social media about the trailer, but I just want to get my thoughts down in one place.  I'm very much 50/50 love/hate about this film - all along, every announcement had me going "yay!" "Oh no" in exact equal quantities.

    It's worth bearing in mind that it's only the music and the poems that match the show we love - everything else, every character not described in the poems, every plot element, character appearance, all the choreography - that's all the work of Gillian Lynne, Trevor Nunn and John Napier, all that is up for change in the movie. 


    • Love the set design!  Stunning locations.
    • Casting sounds perfect (Ray Winstone as Growltiger!)
    • The music we've heard so far sounds great
    • I really like that it…
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  • Belle pullman

    David Hitchen is Asparagus. Nick Hamilton is Bustopher. Donald Francke is Deuteronomy. whut?

    I think - THINK - this is effectively turning the "Walking Cover" into a form of onstage swing. He has one scene, as Bustopher, every show, but should he need to go on as either Gus or Deut, he can do both without difficulty. This is, after all, 1986 so not long since Brian Blessed was Deut/Bustopher.

    At the same time as this, over at Starlight Express we saw a couple of instances of the usually doubled roles of Sleeper/Component split - in a way, onstage swings, in that the swing had a very small role in each performance, and the moment she needed to bump up to an ensemble role, she could perform both parts easily.

    This is only dated "1986" - program…

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  • Belle pullman

    November 1992 July 1987 Alonzo Sambal Herbert Neutgens

    Asparagus / Bustopher Jones / Growltiger Abrikoos / Ghiselbert Smit / Snauwtijger Marco Vermie Marco Vermie
    Bombalurina Bomballerien Jina Broughten Joyce Stevens / Jina Broughten
    Wilma Hoornstra Patricia Bos
    Coricopat Wagenschrik Leo de Groot Fons van Kraaij
    Debbie Jenner Wilma Hoornstra / Brigitte Derks
    Grizabella Grisabella Ruth Jacott Ellen Evers
    Jellylorum Antimakassa Jackie van Oppen Suzanne Heyne
    Jennyanydots / Griddlebone Spikkelpikkelmies / Gillebeen Renée Knapp Delia Mayer
    Mistoffelees Dr. Diavolo Kevin Poe / Jamie Cohen Alan Stuart (Dr. Diavolo / Xinix / 1e Pulk / Djangus / Pouncival)
    Mungojerrie Scharrelnelis Ramon Visser

    Munkustrap Snorrescha Kyle Boynton

    Old Deuter…

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  • Belle pullman

    I'm looking for a way to distinguish the 2014 re-design of Grizabella.  "London Revival Grizabella" doesn't seem to fit as the costume is used across multiple productions.  I'm leaning towards "Pussycat Doll Grizabella" as the design was tailored specifically for Nicole Scherzinger, in line with her personal style of stage costumes.

    The character as given an overhaul at the same time as the design, the most notable element being her "mad" acting from her "head injury" giving her a "headache" - the suggestion being it's not age that has let her down, as much as a head injury.  But compared to, say, Street Cat Tugger, it's a subtle character change.

    But is "Pussycat Doll Grizabella" too colloquial, or too obscure a reference to be immediately …

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  • Belle pullman

    Cast Recordings

    April 3, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I'm still deep in the character galleries, but it came to my attention that there's an area where this wiki is VERY lacking information - the Cast Recordings.  I started setting up the architecture for them (me? adhd? how could you tell?!) So there'a a page for each recording listed as a sub-page of that production - but the pages need info!  At very least release year, track list, and cast list copied from the production page...  ideally as much information as was published on the media, and any background context!  And the recording info also needs mentioning and linking on the production page with a short "See here for the cast recording". 

    I've (hopeflly) got the infobox set up with enough relevant sections, I don't know how to do an ei…

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  • Belle pullman

    Old Cats in Paris

    April 2, 2019 by Belle pullman

    I'm trying to get my brain around the 1989 Paris production... I went looking for Young Deut and found a headache!

    Firstly, we have, as expected, " Vieux Mathusalem" (Old Deuteronomy) - Gilles Ramade, we have Asparagus - Tim Robin, but we also have "Vieux Genghis" - Gregory Schramel who appears to be his own ensemble character - the performer isn't also in any other roles. We have a HUGE archive of photos from the production, most unusual for the 1980s.

    The costume appears to be more similar to "Young Deut" than "Asparagus", but it's hard to say as both wear grey/browns in blending, non-descript patterns. Both, at this point in the show's development, typically wear "Pajamas" not spandex. The key feature that Asparagus usually has, from t…

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  • Amaranthinegrew

    Movie Theories

    March 28, 2019 by Amaranthinegrew

    just thought i'd create a thread to share our opinions/thoughts/speculation for the film!! personally, i think they're definitely going to invent new characters/reinterept some old ones, as evidenced by the Les Twins/Zizi's castings. I think they'll stay true to the source material in the sense of the plot/songs, and as i hoped, they didn't leave out some of the more 'minor' roles such as demeter, and griddlebone was a pleasant suprise. i do hope that they odn't sacrifice the storylines of these characters, though, in favor of the more star-studded 'main' characters (although i am fans of most of them!), for example, since idris remarked that his and taylor's cats have a close relatoinship (not entirely inaccurate, but historically his int…

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  • Amaranthinegrew

    So I've had a few questions about this, and for some reason I can't respond to Belle's thread so I've decided to post them here instead, and perhaps just create a masterpost for all the subsequent questions re: adjustments made because of the fiml. So for the template thing, I have no idea how to edit it but it definitely does make sense for the principal characters right now. In addition to Tantomile's reworking, the Les Twins are playing characters called Plato and Socrates - I've already given Socrates his own page, but I'd bet that we should end up making a seperate page for the film version of Plato, given that there's already a casted Admetus. Also for the formatting under the 'Cast' section, maybe it's worth making a table for the r…

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  • Belle pullman

    So a while ago, we considered the big question of terminology - is it a MOVIE or a FILM?  Personally, as a Brit, I prefer the term "Film" - however since the wider world of social media has decided on "#CATSMOVIE" - It only makes sense for this project to follow suit and use the term "Movie" for the big budget Cats production going ahead.  As such I'm standardising across the wiki to "Cats Movie 2019"

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  • Belle pullman

    London 2001

    March 22, 2019 by Belle pullman

    OK what's super frustrating here is that this isn't a case of distant research - I was THERE, seeing the show quite frequently through 2001 and 2002.  (the problem is, a brochure cost £6, a standing ticket to Starlight Express cost £8 - guess where I spent my money? :P )  

    So, working backwards, there's the 21st Anniversary edition of the Souvenir Brochure - "1981- 2002 - 21 YEARS" graphics on the cover, published April 2002.

    Next, we have an internally identical Brochure, that's a publication date "February 2001".  All the photos are identical to the 21st Anniversary cast... distinctive faces like Alexis Owen Hobbs as Bombalurina, who didn't join the show until October 2001..... I'm pretty confident in saying therefore, it's a printing erro…

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  • Belle pullman

    This is one where I have the Souvenir Brochure with the insert dated June 1988.  The whole publication is dated December 1988 - which is just - WEIRD.  The insert is older than the rest of the publication?!  But that's what it says.  Anyway it makes no difference as besides the insert, it's all 1981 info.

    It's worth noting that Alonzo does NOT appear anywhere in the photos, and none of the names have played Alonzo.  It's possible the role was cut for a few months.  Cavin Cornwall joined the cast in August 1988 and played Alonzo for a good while, so it's possible they just had swings cover the track for a couple months.

    Valda Aviks is a real puzzle to me - she was in the Vienna cast for years, then she pops up in London in 1986 then 1988.  I'…

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  • Belle pullman

    So as I've been going through looking for Chorus Tugger photos from Paris (and that big group shot is one of the best, ugh....) I couldn't help noticing that there's no chance of a mix-up here, these photos are all DEFINITELY the Paris production, and the numberplace definitely changes!

    Incidentally, it's curious how so much of the Hollywood film coverage ended up using press photos from the 1989 Paris production... I mean, there's a lot of photos, sure, but the more modern productions would be easier to come by!  Maybe there's something weird about the rights to these ones.

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  • Belle pullman

    Mystery Cast List

    March 15, 2019 by Belle pullman

    One of the biggest gaps in the London cast lists is between Feb 1990 and November 1991. There'd be a cast change May 1990, November 1990, May 1991, before the November 1991 list. We've got the names of the cast from November 1990, from the souvenir brochure, but not the roles they played. The 1st UK Tour finished May 1990, and a fair few names came to town when the tour ended.

    I've assumed that people continued in roles they played before / since - this is a big assumption, as we know quite often someone would play a role for just one contract then switch to another role. I'm only stumped on three male roles -

    • Anthony Clegg
    • Mark Fowler
    • ( Heavon Grant )
    • Admetus / Macavity
    • ( Coricopat )
    • Swing

    Looking at Heavon Grant photos online, I'm fairly confide…

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  • Amaranthinegrew

    Character Alternates

    December 30, 2018 by Amaranthinegrew

    hey! another issue that crossed my mind is the somewhat obvious problem of charactres with multiple names/identities across different productions. for instance, jemima/silibub and tumblebrutus/bill-bailey. obviously some are seperate characters entirely, depending on the show, but i was wondering if there could be a more efficient way of organizing them, such as putting in a redirection at the top (this page is for the cat ____, if youre looking for its american/chorus counterpart etc, go here), simply introducing them differently (tumblebrutus, also known as bill bailey,) or perhaps a tab mechanism i've seen on other wikis (such as a's page on pretty little liars)? another thing that's a bit confusing is the discrepency between each pages…

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