• Belle pullman

    London 2001

    March 22, 2019 by Belle pullman

    OK what's super frustrating here is that this isn't a case of distant research - I was THERE, seeing the show quite frequently through 2001 and 2002.  (the problem is, a brochure cost £6, a standing ticket to Starlight Express cost £8 - guess where I spent my money? :P )  

    So, working backwards, there's the 21st Anniversary edition of the Souvenir Brochure - "1981- 2002 - 21 YEARS" graphics on the cover, published April 2002.

    Next, we have an internally identical Brochure, that's a publication date "February 2001".  All the photos are identical to the 21st Anniversary cast... distinctive faces like Alexis Owen Hobbs as Bombalurina, who didn't join the show until October 2001..... I'm pretty confident in saying therefore, it's a printing erro…

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  • Belle pullman

    This is one where I have the Souvenir Brochure with the insert dated June 1988.  The whole publication is dated December 1988 - which is just - WEIRD.  The insert is older than the rest of the publication?!  But that's what it says.  Anyway it makes no difference as besides the insert, it's all 1981 info.

    It's worth noting that Alonzo does NOT appear anywhere in the photos, and none of the names have played Alonzo.  It's possible the role was cut for a few months.  Cavin Cornwall joined the cast in August 1988 and played Alonzo for a good while, so it's possible they just had swings cover the track for a couple months.

    Valda Aviks is a real puzzle to me - she was in the Vienna cast for years, then she pops up in London in 1986 then 1988.  I'…

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  • Belle pullman

    So as I've been going through looking for Chorus Tugger photos from Paris (and that big group shot is one of the best, ugh....) I couldn't help noticing that there's no chance of a mix-up here, these photos are all DEFINITELY the Paris production, and the numberplace definitely changes!

    Incidentally, it's curious how so much of the Hollywood film coverage ended up using press photos from the 1989 Paris production... I mean, there's a lot of photos, sure, but the more modern productions would be easier to come by!  Maybe there's something weird about the rights to these ones.

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  • Belle pullman

    Mystery Cast List

    March 15, 2019 by Belle pullman

    One of the biggest gaps in the London cast lists is between Feb 1990 and November 1991. There'd be a cast change May 1990, November 1990, May 1991, before the November 1991 list. We've got the names of the cast from November 1990, from the souvenir brochure, but not the roles they played. The 1st UK Tour finished May 1990, and a fair few names came to town when the tour ended.

    I've assumed that people continued in roles they played before / since - this is a big assumption, as we know quite often someone would play a role for just one contract then switch to another role. I'm only stumped on three male roles -

    • Anthony Clegg
    • Mark Fowler
    • ( Heavon Grant )
    • Admetus / Macavity
    • ( Coricopat )
    • Swing

    Looking at Heavon Grant photos online, I'm fairly confide…

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  • Amaranthinegrew

    Character Alternates

    December 30, 2018 by Amaranthinegrew

    hey! another issue that crossed my mind is the somewhat obvious problem of charactres with multiple names/identities across different productions. for instance, jemima/silibub and tumblebrutus/bill-bailey. obviously some are seperate characters entirely, depending on the show, but i was wondering if there could be a more efficient way of organizing them, such as putting in a redirection at the top (this page is for the cat ____, if youre looking for its american/chorus counterpart etc, go here), simply introducing them differently (tumblebrutus, also known as bill bailey,) or perhaps a tab mechanism i've seen on other wikis (such as a's page on pretty little liars)? another thing that's a bit confusing is the discrepency between each pages…

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  • Amaranthinegrew

    Actor Biographies

    December 29, 2018 by Amaranthinegrew

    hey! i've noticed that the biographies of multiple actors, including rebel wilson, john mills, idris elba, john partrige, etc. appear to have the entire wikipedia page copy and pasted onto their respective articles. i was wondering that, considering this is a cats-centric wiki, if these pages should be simplified a bit to provide information about their careers and lives while focusing on their relevancy to cats, similar to the biographies of other, lesser known cast members? its just a suggestion tbh, it was just something that crossed my mind. 

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  • Walrusandthecarpenter300

    Here are some fun facts on my favorite cat's poem. 

    Click on the image for a better view.

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  • Walrusandthecarpenter300

    Okay. Here goes. 

    First off, I'd make Grizabella's tail detachable from her main costume. 

    So, her tail falls off mid-song during "Grizabella the Glamour Cat". 

    When Bustopher Jones comes on stage, he sees Grizzy's tail and picks it up. 

    He takes it with him when he goes offstage at the end of the song. 

    Jones joins the other Jellicle Cats at the end of the show to hear Grizzy sing "Memory". 

    Then, when she comes over to greet him, he puts her tail back on. 

    She gives him some curry in return. 

    Then, Grizzy leaves for the Heaviside Layer. 

    Jones waves and calls to her, along with all the other cats. 

    He joins the other cats in doing the simple dance moves during "The Ad-Dressing of Cats". 

    And, during the parts of "Ad-Dressing" when all the other cat…

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  • Walrusandthecarpenter300

    I can't understand a single word in this picture.

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  • Controlpatrol

    Okay, it's pretty obvious that the revival's last scheduled show is December 30th, 2017, but does anyone know of future showing schedules? As in.. where will they be held? Are there tours coming up?

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  • Belle pullman

    Mandatory Sign In?

    October 26, 2017 by Belle pullman

    The wiki offers the option to disable anonymous edits - we've been getting a lot of edits that aren't vandalism as such, but since the user isn't signed in, communication is impossible.  Do we get enough useful "drive-by" edits from anonymous users to make it worth leaving the wiki editable anonymously?  Or should we switch to signed in edits only?  

    the big advantages of signing in are accountability/building a profile, and communication.  The big disadvantage is forgotten/lost details, that extra hassle that might prevent people contributing.  But then that's also an advantage as that little bit of hassle means less casual vandalism?  Not that it's much of a problem, but we could prevent the little we do get.

    I'm inclined to turn the wiki …

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  • Walrusandthecarpenter300

    I found these pictures recently and I am unsure as to what the lyrics say, as I don't speak German. These appear to be from the German production... could somebody please translate the words into English? 

    Thanks ;) 

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  • Belle pullman

    Infoboxes - Actors

    September 10, 2017 by Belle pullman

    I...  I have no idea what's gone wrong.  The original Actor infobox seems to have deleted when I followed instructions to migrate it, and I've made up a replacement but when I try to use it in an article it comes up as having no fields to enter.  Manually copying the code works however.  

    I'm getting more than a little frustrated at it not working and not indicating WHY it's not working!

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  • Fcisuperguy

    I was thinking about adding a description of the set's design and layout in the 'The Sets' article, perhaps a detailed description of the original set and its prominent features as well as listing the specific differences between sets... It'd certainly be an interesting addition to the article other than just listing the history of the sets. If anyone has any detailed pictures to contribute or feels like helping to note down all the changes, that'd be great!

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  • MadMaxArtist

    Yesterday I was discussing with a friend (are you out there on the Wikia now? I don't know your username.) the problem of the Broadway cast listings and accuracy and ease of reading. We thought up a few ideas...focusing on the fact that 1. We wanted it to include all current and former cast members 2. We wanted accurate dates as well as information as to why a certain actor may have left (when known) and 3. Easy to read and code onto the Wikia. 

    My friend came up with a pretty nice idea for a chart type format we could use to document it all that they typed up in a spreadsheet as you can see below. 

    I for one think this would be a good way to keep track, although it does ask the question of in what way would we want to organize said list. Wo…

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  • MadMaxArtist

    As we know, I've been slowly working on all the Broadway and US Tour casts over the few months. Also, we know that contracts in the US are different from Europe in that they don't last a full year, thus cast changes are irregular and hard to track. As I've discovered more and more dates for performers I've begun to wonder what would be the best way to present the information for cast changes as the usually year-by-year list format doesn't seem like the best solution in this case. 

    I was personally thinking some sort of time-line but I'm not sure how to make that appear neat in this format. 

    If anyone wants to discuss or has suggestions feel free to comment. 

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  • Belle pullman

    Style Guide

    May 10, 2017 by Belle pullman

    I'm sure there's cleverer ways of doing this - but best, simplest way I can work out to create a style guide is to have certain pages worked up as the models, and then to copy that formatting for all pages of that type.  So, for each production, musical number, character, performer etc....  one highlighted page that's as close to perfect as we can get. There's some standard wiki formatting elements we need to consider whether or not we want to employ - such as whether to only use a wikilink once per article.  For example, on Rumpleteazer's page, we don't need to link every time Mungojerrie is mentioned!  But we also don't want readers to be searching for the links when they need them.  

    We also need to be practical - we've over 2000 perform…

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  • Belle pullman

    To Do List:

    April 4, 2017 by Belle pullman

    I don't even know where to start.  So start with a list!

    • Character Galleries - captions, more pics
    • Character names from translations in infoboxes
    • Actor pages - infoboxes, headshots, costume shots, biogs
    • Production pages - galleries, tour dates, creative teams
    • Cast lists - esp US Tours

    This is off the top of my head, please add!

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  • Username Needed

    This picture contains all of the swings and Chorus (booth) of the '89 Australian tour, so I thought I should try and identify them all.

    Warwick Yuen as Coricopat and Carolyn Brown as Tantomile are simple enough.

    Justin McNamara as George/kitten swing is most likely the grey boy beside Alonzo on the right of the front row.

    Matthew Jackson as Carbucketty/tall swing is likely the one on the top right, between Sillabub and chorus Deut.

    The Chorus Deut is most likely David Outtrim the chorus/Deut & Gus u/s.

    Michael Larsen-Disney (Chorus) will be one of the Plato and Macavity, as he covered that role.

    Danielle Goullet and Makeely Louise Clarke were both Etcetera (presumably only one on per show).  The main Etcetera costumes seems to be the one on the …

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  • Belle pullman

    I recently discovered a neat bit of wiki code, which allows you to collapse tables - and indeed have them collapsed by default and a simple click to expand the information.  Over on the Starlight Express wiki we've used them extensively for song lyrics formatted by tables - it's not an ideal format for lyrics but it's the best we've found so far.

    Over here, I've experimented with the expandable tables on the UK Tour 2016 article - the long lists of tour stops are available at a click, but do not otherwise dominate the information. 

    What do people think about using this code for both tour stops tables, and cast list tables?  Is it immediately apparent how to access the lists of tour stops on the example there?  Does this reduce clutter on an …

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  • MadMaxArtist

    You know what time it is again! ;P Let me know which is your favorite (aka please please vote!) 

    As usual, if you have any better photo suggestions, etc. please tell me in the comments!

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  • Ponydreamer 2.0


    October 22, 2016 by Ponydreamer 2.0

    Guys guys guess what!!!

    I changed my avatar to Jeffrey Socia :3

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  • MadMaxArtist

    Icon Update!

    October 19, 2016 by MadMaxArtist

    Hey guys! Bit of an update with the icons! :)

    I started editing the Mistoffelees and Munkustrap one (I haven't started Bombalurina yet mainly because I'm having trouble finding a high quality photo of her Moscow makeup; if anyone has any alternatives please let me know!) I'll be making a seperate blog post for more photo options for different characters.

    For each icon I will be editing each image down to size as well as photoshopping the background so that it is black, and possibly adding text and a border. I'm still undecided on those options so I wanted to ask you guys what you think of three different options thus far (using Misto as an example.) 

    First off we have the icon with the name as text on the side. (Each character would be positi…

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  • Mortifer c

    International Fansites

    October 15, 2016 by Mortifer c

    What do you guys think? Would it be good to have a list/section with international fansites and forum in different languages up here? It could be divided into "English sites", "German sites", "Russian sites", etc.

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  • MadMaxArtist

    Hey guys! Occasional contributer Max here! :) 

    After a bit of discussion with Belle, we've decided to replace the curent images for each of the characters on the navigation page and I will be making new icons for each character! We've also decided to use mixed productions and to include every character, song, chorus, and swing in order to showcase the diverse styles of the replica productions!. This is where you guys come in! I need some help deciding on what pictures to use, as I'd love to represent multiple productions but also keep it within everyones taste. Here's a nice little list of options for a few of the main characters to start, as they have the most photos and are hardest to pic from.

    I'd say thats good to start right? Let me kno…

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  • Belle pullman

    I've hit on either a really odd coincidence, or a double entry both here and over on the Starlight wiki.

    Eddie Marco and Eddie Otero - are they the same person?  Or is it the strangest coincidence that both played the same roles in the same period?

    Here's the compiled entries - 

    Marco - Starlight Bochum - 1991-92 - Swing

    Otero - Starlight Bochum - 1992-93 - Swing

    Marco - Cats Hamburg - 07/1992 - Mungojerrie

    Marco - Cats Hamburg - 10/1992 - Mungojerrie

    Marco - Starlight Las Vegas - 1993-94 - Swing

    Otero - Cats Hamburg - 10/1995 - Mungojerrie

    Assuming that Otero ran the full 1992-1993 Swing contract in Bochum, he couldn't have also played Mungojerrie in Hamburg the same year...  But as a swing in one show, offered a featured character in another, he c…

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  • Belle pullman

    First up, who is this kitten?  He's World Tour, I think from Shanghai in 2003 but possibly the photo is earlier...  I think it being licensed Getty Images though the date will be accurate.  Possibly Pouncival?

    Then kittens 2 and 3, On the right I *think* is Tumblebrutus but I'm not confident on that, and on the left, I honestly have no idea!

    (Also, these costumes are very interesting to contrast against the more "standard" use of fluffies....)

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  • Belle pullman

    Asian Productions?

    September 15, 2016 by Belle pullman

    OK, I found this collage in my files - interesting one huh - but I'm trying to work out which production they're referring to, in Beijing in January 2008?  CPAA Cultural Entertainment Company is the local producer.

    "The itinerary for the musical's upcoming China tour will include stops in Beijing, Macao, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Dongguan and Shenzhen."

    We've got the 2007 Australasia tour doing a similar route in 2009, brought to the country by the CPAA again, so is it safe to assume it's the same tour a year and a half earlier?

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  • Belle pullman

    Top Navigation

    September 14, 2016 by Belle pullman

    I hope it doesn't throw anyone, but I've re-organised the Top Navigation a little.  (Yes, I know it's now the same as the Starlight one, but it seems to me those are the most important categories of information about a musical!)

    My aim is to try to make the first impression of the wiki a little more encyclopaedic and a little less fannish - It feels a bit like certain really important aspects of our specialist subject, such as the music!, are getting side-lined over more and more character based speculation.  There's plenty of room to analyse Alonzo's relationships, but I think we also need to include information about Cast Recordings.

    I've moved "Productions" to a top level link, which covers the "Cast" information that has been removed fro…

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  • Belle pullman

    I also am admin for the Starlight Express Wiki - run on almost exactly the same lines as this one, but a good bit quieter!  I am about to overhaul the cast database, and I'm wondering if it is of interest to other people to make note of the cast who have been in both?  For example, Cary Doug Chennell is also Cary Chennell (seriously, he was Pouncival 23 years ago, and he's skating in Starlight Express now?  amazing!) 

    I am proposing to throw a link to their bio on the Starlight Wiki, and a reciprocal link to here, just as a single text link.  I don't imagine it's of more than passing interest to most people, but since I'm editing both and need to do a lot of work on the Starlight database, I've got the opportunity now!

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  • MaeliaC

    Test: redirect

    July 29, 2016 by MaeliaC

    As it looks like omitting an accent means the search doesn't work (unlike when you search with Google), I made a test with one of the actors from the Paris 2015 cast. Can anyone tell me if typing "Cedric Chupin" correctly redirects you to "Cédric Chupin"? (By the way, the other actors' names all have their accents in the page title except for Grégory Gonel.)

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  • MaeliaC

    Mislabelled photos

    July 23, 2016 by MaeliaC

    Dear admins and other contributors,

    Does any of you know where the "practice" photos that are in the "Paris 2015" gallery come from? I mean these:

    I suppose they're from an article that used pictures of another cast when they didn't have any of the new French cast yet, because I saw the actors several times both on stage and at the stage door (as well as on social media) so I'm 100% sure it's NOT them (or Théâtre Mogador) on those pictures.

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  • Belle pullman

    Can we establish a policy on accents and umlauts?

    On my english keyboard, the only accented letter I can easily access is é - and I'm not sure how common the knowledge of how to get it is.  The only way for me to type an umlaut is to find it online and copy and paste!  This is a problem when it comes to coding, and searching names.

    So far, for example Dusseldorf, we've just ignored the umlaut.  However this changes the pronunciation of the word and I believe in some words losing the umlaut changes its meaning?  Technically the correct alternate for "Düsseldorf" is "Duesseldorf".  It's one thing for a well known place name, but what about all the performers names?

    What is going to be easiest for our users?  How will people most easily find the…

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  • Username Needed

    The various pas de deux partners.

    London: Coricopat originally, it looks like, then Admetus for most of the time, then Alonzo at the end?  Any Idea when these various swaps were made?

    Broadway: Tumblebrutus.  Swapped to Plato for the last year or so of the Troika tour.

    Australia: Tumble, spapped to Pouncival about 2012.

    Vienna: Carbucketty or Pouncival, I think, not sure which it is.

    Hambug: Tumble

    Any idea who danced the parkt in the other majour versions?

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  • Belle pullman

    We've got some very clumsy language here, "Some fans believe" / "Most fans believe" (citation needed) / "It is believed" / "They are usually portrayed as"... Can we standardise to something with no particular weighting? for example:

    Victoria - Pouncival: They could be Siblings, they could be Mates.

    "They could be" still seems a bit clumsy however, so if anyone has a better suggestion?

    Also, what's the line between a Headcanon and Relationships? Headcanon and Theories? Can we lose the Headcanon section and just have Theories and Relationships, is there anything that isn't covered with two sections? Or would it be worth having a "Confirmed canon" section for, for example, the UK productions have confirmed that Munkustrap and Tugger are brothers…

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  • Username Needed

    A media event at the end of the Australasia Tour's Korean run in 2008, of the Australian cast in full costume on stage, lined up beside their newly cast Korean counterparts.  I know I've seen it, but can't find it anymore.

    For that matter, anything from the 2008 South Korean production.  I've got stuff from 2011, but not 2008.  I know they had in character headshots of everyone, including chorus cats.

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  • Mortifer c

    I wonder if it would be okay to create subcategories for all the associate directors, costume supervisors, music supervisors, etc. etc. - to have overviews on all the people who had the same job during the period Cats has been running. One could list all the names, the productions they worked for, and link to their own pages.

    If that's okay, I will happily execute that.


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  • Belle pullman

    I'm thinking it's worth adding a category for Images of BabyGriz...  her costume is so different to Grizabella's, and it's interesting how she's changed from one production to another.  We know her name is used backstage as Babygriz.  She's clear cut.

    Similarly, thanks to the video we have a clear separation of "Gus the Theatre Cat" and "Asparagus" his ensemble identity, despite the overlap towards the end of the show.  

    But what do we call the other two ensemble Cats we see in the opening?  Tugger and Deut both have notably different looks - and Tugger's ensemble look hasn't changed from Rockstar to Street Cat.  I've vaguely seen "Baby Tugger" around, but he's not baby in the way Griz is a vastly younger version of the same character.  "You…

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  • Username Needed

    I made an attampt at creating a diagram of how the various versions of the replica design seem to have developed, and what their influences are.  If something's not there, I either considered it the same as another version, or I forgot about it.

    Accurate? Yea/Nay?

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  • Username Needed

    Perhaps the strangest version I've ever seen (the whole thing's on youtube, or at least was).

    Some assumptions for the following:

    The black with white bib who says "Macavity" and removes his disguise is Demeter.  The red with white bib who is tall and saucy is Bombalurina.  The sleek black one is Cassandra.  The orange and brown guy that has "There's a man over there" is Gus.  I am going to call the campy grey one Victor, 'cause there's no other way to identify him besides campy grey guy.

    I'm mainly focusing on the score.

    Overture: Shortened.

    Jellicle Songs: Third lot of solo lines skips right to "Are you mean like a minx", repete of "queens of the night etc. is cut.

    Naming: No changes

    Invitation: No change (Munkustrap sings version)

    Gumbie: Trio …

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  • Belle pullman

    Something that's always been a priority to me, is respecting the privacy of the performers involved in the show.  But sometimes this is at odds with sharing REALLY COOL STUFF....  So I'm thinking, we need to decide on a policy of what to share here.

    For starters, I'm inclined to say anything the official accounts share, is fair game for us to share and use.  What purpose is there in Cats having a Twitter account beyond sharing with fans?

    The official site has taken to linking to public twitter and instagrams of SOME cast on their resumes...  looking around, I've often then come across further members of the same cast whose accounts weren't linked officially.  So, I take the official site as indication that those cast members want their accou…

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  • Robin Turnaround

    So, my mother send me an article about a new CATS movie by Tom Hooper...

    I just wanted to ask what you all think about that. I personally am not a friend of it since I'm afraid they're gonna use the rapping version of the Rum Tum Tugger instead of the Rock Star and because I don't get why one must make another movie when we already have a pretty good one.

    But maybe they'll put the Growltigers song in it...

    For those who haven't read the article yet:

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  • Belle pullman


    May 3, 2016 by Belle pullman

    Just thinking out loud really, but it'd be useful to have the Producing company listed on the productions - a lot of the links between different productions become apparent when you find the same money is behind them!

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  • Belle pullman

    Quotes and Lyrics

    April 29, 2016 by Belle pullman

    This is where my ability with the wiki coding stops - on the character pages we've got the audition requirement quotes, and on the song pages we (should have) the poem/song lyrics.  But formatting these pieces of text in the basic code is a nightmare!  

    The audition quotes at the moment are just like this - Indented.  It's not immediately apparent it's a quote.

    The song lyrics are a matter of spacing - in order to keep each line on a separate line, they're double spaced.  It takes up acres of page, and looks a mess!  Surely there's a better way of displaying quotes and lyrics?!


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  • Username Needed

    Gallery Trouble

    April 27, 2016 by Username Needed

    I cannot get the galleries to work properly.  Whenever I try and create one, it has no option to upload pictures, and if I've already uploaded the picture, it never showes up in the seach.  It's really annoying, because I have litterally thousands of photos from the show, and can't get them into galleries.

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  • Walrusandthecarpenter300

    Bustopher Jones looked at his list of chores.

    "Take out hornets' nest," he read.

    Bustopher knocked the hornets' nest out of the tree with his spoon. He then placed it carefully in Skimbleshanks' mailbox, shook the mailbox, and flipped the flag up. "Check." he said. "Fix sinkhole."

    He tried putting the kittens' playpen over it. That didn't work. He plopped Victoria into the playpen, and she stuck. "Check," Bustopher said. In shocked surprise, he read, "RE-SHINGLE ROOF?"

    On the roof, Bustopher sat with Mistoffelees. "Steady... steady..." the fat cat mewed to himself. Then, he accidentally knocked himself in the eye with his hammer! "Meow! Meow! Meow!" laughed Mistoffelees. "I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny!" yowled Bustopher, ai…

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  • Belle pullman


    April 18, 2016 by Belle pullman

    The thought occurs to me, we've got a few standard links - specifically, the character to gallery links, the long-running productions to cast pages...  having in-line text links are very minimal and might be easily over-looked.  Would it be worth having a graphic button that says something like "Click for full Gallery"?  Not a large or gaudy graphic, but a little more prominent than just text?

    Alternatively, is there a simple-ish way to code the text to make it more prominent?

    Also, on the character pages, could we link to that character's cast category?  ie. Category:Jellylorum actor - rather than typing up a list of cast, plus linking to the category is dynamic....  And if we do that, should it be part of the infobox (coding headache?) Or …

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  • Belle pullman

    Jemima / Sillabub

    April 17, 2016 by Belle pullman

    I've been thinking about what to do with Jemima's page... at the moment, I don't think we're making it particularly clear what's going on with Jemima and Sillabub sometimes being the same character, sometimes not.

    So, do we have two separate pages?   Or re-write the page to overhaul it?  

    We also have categories for Category:Jemima actor and Category:Sillabub Actor, but then we have  Category:Images_of_Sillabub AND  Category:Images of Jemima/Sillabub - which doesn't seem to make much sense when some productions feature both! 

    Opinions please?

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  • Username Needed

    World Tour stops

    April 16, 2016 by Username Needed

    There are a bunch of locations listed on the Productions page that are acutally all part of the world tour.

    • Cape Town - 12/2001 - 01/2002
    • Pretoria - 03/2002 - 06/2002
    • Shanghai - 2003
    • Seoul - 2003
    • Qatar - 2003

    The production originated in South Africa, Staging the Australian version of the show (I think the production team was Australian from the start), and picking up Australian cast replacements as it toured to Europe and Asia.

    What are people's opinions on which section of the Production page it should be listed under?

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  • Belle pullman

    US Tours 1-4

    April 12, 2016 by Belle pullman

    Ok, so, I've stumbled across this useful cast list for a US Tour - clearly dated July 1987, Sacramento, California.

    Wait...  but....

    July 1987, apparently, there were *5* concurrent US productions, including Broadway, and the "2nd Tour" which was actually stationary in LA....  But if our production dates are right, US Tours #1, #3 and #4 were ALL running summer 1987?  So how on earth do we tell them apart?!

    Tho, just found this - specifies 4th tour... December 1988  And same Munkustrap, Dan McCoy.

    So that California site is really useful...


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