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Belle pullman Belle pullman 26 May

Discord for Conversations with Editors!

Hey People!

It can be pretty difficult to get into a conversation on this platform, and I keep feeling it would be really useful to be able to just talk to you, the other people editing this wiki. So I've set up a Discord server for discussions on editing this, and other Musical Theatre focused wikis...


I'm hoping it'll be easier to share ideas and opinions there, we can get to know each other a little better and work together easier. So far I've just set up channels for the Cats and Starlight wikis, but open to expanding if it'd be useful! I've not set up a Discord server before so there's a learning curve there too.

Come over and say Hi, and we can get some ideas brewing!

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 8 September 2021

Notability for Photos

We have been getting a lot, a LOT of selfies uploaded to this wiki. I would ask that before you do add casual backstage images of the cast, consider two things:

1) Notability. Is this image, actually, interesting? Is it unique? Does it show us something special? Is there nothing similar on the wiki already? The various casts of productions around the world generously share images of the fun they're having performing - its wonderful we live in a time where this is even possible, and it's always appreciated to scroll through Instagram and see. But. Does that photo need to be copied across to here?

2) Performer Privacy. Is the person featured in the image going to be happy about it being archived here? When someone searches their name…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 30 July 2021

Light Mode Links

If you're using the Fandom Desktop in Light mode, you probably noticed a bit of a change... I've been really struggling to get a good light theme that is on brand for the show. "Dark Yellow" is apparently very hard to read on a light background, so was failing accessibility criteria. And it didn't look great (looks fine on the dark mode! This wiki is definitely better on dark mode!)

So in finding a better colour for links and accents, I've given violet a go - complimentary colour to the yellow, so hopefully it doesn't stand out massively as a random design choice unless you're used to the gold? Change is always going to be jarring, but beside from "that's different", does it work?

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 29 July 2021

Non-Replica Characters

So as it stands, Non-replica production photos shouldn't be added to character categories - but would it be of sufficient interest to create Non-replica character categories? So if you wanted to browse through all the wild and crazy designs for Demeter, for example, they were all collected in one place. (There's no point using the existing character categories for this, as they are entirely drowned out).

I don't think I am personally invested enough to go through and add new category tags for all the non-replica character photos, but throwing the idea out there if anyone else thinks it would be worthwhile?

I am, however, going through and adding non-replica production categories as sub-categories under "Non-Replica Productions" - any prod…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 24 July 2021

Images Backstage

We have the "Backstage" images category - which at the moment, seems applicable to about 85% of the images on this wiki! Categories are meant to be used, they are meant to let you find specific types of images. At the moment, the "Backstage" category doesn't seem to have any benefit. It's almost at the stage of having a category for "Cats" - what's the point?

So I have an idea - restrict its use to be a fall-back when no other category besides the production is relevant. For example, a picture of a dressing room table doesn't feature any characters, so it would be used for "Backstage". A rack of costumes. Examples of how the mics work. Actors having wigs fitted would qualify, the technical backstage work to run the productions. Rehe…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 11 June 2021

Videos - and lots of them!

Hey Everyone!

I've spent the past couple of days blitzing through the "Videos" category - well, I started with the "Uncategorised files" category and added all the videos in there to the "Videos" category, then moved them into categories per production. I've then gone through and deleted all the duplicates, all the broken links, and changed filenames to make more sense. There were more than 500 videos there before I got to deleting duplicates and dead links.

Understand how the wiki works - it does not copy the video material onto the site, it just links to the source. This means that video links can break easily if the source is removed or its privacy changes, so they're high maintenance. But worth it.

In future I'd love to not have to d…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 2 June 2021

FandomDesktop Opt-In - Please Read!

Hi Everyone!

So, fandom.com, our merciful, benevolent overlords, are in the process of updating the software that runs this wiki. The latest release is the "Fandomdesktop" skin - at first, for now this is an opt-in option but in the future it will be rolled out as the only option for viewing this wiki. Therefore, it is strongly in our favour to use it as soon as possible, as it changes a lot.

We're going to have to edit every single "gallery" tag on the site to get them to display in a manner that is visually - usable, let alone "pleasing". It seems likely every "table" tag will also need attention. See the Sandbox page for some of my experiments - once you have switched, as the new tags make no difference to the old skins. In the mean…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 1 June 2021

Hamburg Cast Lists

So I'm just moving this out of the Sandbox cos it was cluttering up more recent work...

Curiouser and Curiouser. Dog-earred print out cast list dated 19th May 1994, clearly always been tucked into the October 1993 programme. All performers marked with * DO NOT APPEAR in the October 1993 programme - therefore there has been a cast change between October 1993 and May 1994 - why were they still selling the old programme? (Incidentally this 1993 programme was already giving me a headache because the portraits are not those of the performers listed.)

Only apparent difference between Oct 95 and Feb 96 is the loss of one of the alternate Tuggers, Kevin Patricks.

swings not listed in April

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 17 May 2021

Article Comments

I've been tidying up the "Comments" section on some articles today, deleting posts which are:

  • Super old
  • "this character is my fav!" from unregistered posters
  • "I think they're hot"
  • "I want to play them / I'm going to play them" - outdated posts where a conversation will not be helpful
  • Headcanons / shipping conversations - better suited to the forum or blog formats.
  • Irrelevant to the subject
  • Outdated conversations about the wiki itself ie. "where's this info" - six years ago that info was missing, since been added. We're good.

Going forward please consider the forum as a better place to chat, and blogs a better format to discuss headcanons.

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Ailurafey Ailurafey 17 May 2021

The Kittens

The Kittens are what the ensemble of young and immature females are known as. The group covers Victoria, the eldest, who is ready to leave the Kittens, Etcetera the ADHD Cat (just a head canon) Electra, of whom little is known about, and Jemima, the youngest. Allow me to use my head canons and various facts to explain the roles of these Kittens.

to begin, the Kittens are regarded as a single group, and they do not look like siblings. In many stray cat populations, the kittens of the alley are usually looked after by many different moms. Therefore I believe that the mature Jellicles all have the responsibility to look after them regardlesss of their actual parents.

Victoria the White Cat: Victoria is a cat who is well-loved. As a deaf kitten,…

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Ailurafey Ailurafey 23 April 2021

Thoughts on the Heaviside Layer

There is much speculation on the nature of the Heaviside Layer, a setting mentioned frequently by the Jellicle Cats. Cats haters say it is a place of ritual sacrifice, and that the Jellicles wish for death. Others say that the alleyways of the Jellicle’s London are a kind of Purgatory, and that the Heaviside Layer is the path to the real world, life on Earth. I think not.

There is much context suggesting that the alleys are not purgatory for the cats, as some of the cats seem to have owners they like to bother. Like Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer. It is unlikely that humans in purgatory have pet cats, though I can’t say I’ve ever been there.

My thoughts are that the Heaviside Layer, as T.S. Eliot suggested, is a place the cats know resides abo…

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MoonKitty45 MoonKitty45 22 April 2021



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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 27 March 2021

What if the British Blues replace the Siamese for the reinstated original "Growltiger's Last Stand"?

I saw a post this morning about reinstating the original version of "Growltiger's Last Stand", but with the British Blue Navy cats replacing the Siamese, according to a tumblr user, "Gee, Brain, What Are We Gonna Do Tonight?".

Here's what it will turn out as followed from this post: "My 'Cats' Non-Replica Dream Production: Growltiger Edition".

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 24 March 2021

Wiki Rules Discussion!

So you may be experiencing the banner across the top of the page, telling you that a new policy is being introduced - this basically boils down to "Don't ban people unfairly, make sure your rules are clear" - which is all very fair to my mind! But it's something that we're not super well prepared for here. Basic rules like "no Vandalism / Spam" go without saying and follow the Fandom.com global policy, but specific rules for this wiki need to be laid out nice and clear so people editing in good faith can see what not to do.

To my mind, this segues into a Style Guide - for example, we have a specific format for file names. If you upload photos, you need to make sure they're named "character / actor / production / year / detail, number" - …

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 19 March 2021

'Cats' Musical Fanon Wiki is here!

Attention all "'Cats' Musical Wiki" members:

Today, I am finally announcing the advent "'Cats' Musical Fanon Wiki"! This new wiki, which I've created, can predict many future productions that may or may not happen in the future. Do you want to be in it? Please leave a comment below for your answer.

Here is a link to this wiki's main page.

Come on down and check it out right now!

-Harry Vallet

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 14 March 2021

Cats LIVE!/Score

Many changes will made for Cats LIVE!, mainly modified/new choreography and slight lyric changes to songs. It is loosely based on the Broadway Revival production of "Cats".

  • 1 General Features
  • 2 Opening
  • 3 Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats
  • 4 The Old Gumbie Cat
  • 5 After "The Old Gumbie Cat"
  • 6 Memory (Prelude)
  • 7 Growltiger's Last Stand
  • 8 Macavity the Mystery Cat
  • 9 Magical Mister Mistoffelees
  • 10 The Journey to the Heaviside Layer

  • New choreography by Kim Duddy and Nick Winston will be added to Andy Blankenbuehler's choreography throughout the show, making it eligible for Song Characters (except Old Deuteronomy and Grizabella) to dance with the ensemble.
  • Many parts of the score will updated.

  • An animated opening sequence is included, accompanied by Royal Philharmonic Orche…

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 14 March 2021

Cats LIVE!

Cats LIVE! is a musical television special (produced by the Really Useful Group in association with Cirque du Soleil) that will air on NBC on December 2021. It is a live production of an adaptation of the musical of the same name. A retold story, focusing on a little girl who enters the world of Cats, where the Jellicles gather must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. In celebration of the musical's 40th anniversary, it will be performed on behalf of the sixth US Tour, which was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many changes were made to Cats for this production, mainly modified/new choreography and slight lyric changes to songs to make acceptable sense. The Beetles' Tattoo section in …

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Harry Vallet Harry Vallet 10 March 2021

Centerstage Academy

Produced by Centerstage Academy in Yorktown, this production of CATS is set during the time of both the New York Draft Riots and the American Civil War. Official Flyer by Harry Vallet.

  • 1 Production Details
    • 1.1 Set and Venue
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Orchestra (Mice)
  • 3 Discussion
    • 3.1 Story
      • 3.1.1 Jemima and Macavity
      • 3.1.2 Grizabella and Old Deuteronomy
      • 3.1.3 Character Relationships

This production makes a great departure from the norm in terms of designs, as all characters are portrayed fully clothed, and far more human than feline in appearance. Characters are based on P.T. Barnum's Circus troupe, as well as other 19th century characters, such as Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman. Jennyanydots is portrayed here as a drag queen. Gus/Growltiger and Bustopher Jones become separ…

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Whitecatofdoom Whitecatofdoom 13 February 2021

Extent of Credits to Add


I apologize if this is a dumb question.

I have a fair amount of programmes that I own and was I wondering how thorough the CATS fandom wants to be in regards to adding credits for certain roles?

Would we add credits for a role like Stage Managers in any form? Or such things as costume and lighting? I guess anything classified under a CATS company role?

Just curious, as I do not want assume and spam the wiki with unwanted additions and changes.

Thank you.

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AndyBTheActor AndyBTheActor 9 February 2021

My New Cats Production/ Score

  • 1 In General
  • 2 Overture
  • 3 Jellicle Songs
  • 4 Naming/Invitation
  • 5 The Old Gumbie Cat
  • 6 The Rum Tum Tugger
  • 7 Grizabella
  • 8 Bustopher Jones
  • 9 Mungo & Rumple
  • 10 Old Deut
  • 11 Pekes & Pollicles
  • 12 Jellicle Ball
  • 13 Memory Act 1

  • Circus elements are used
  • Tugger doubles as Macavity
  • A mix of replica costumes and new costumes

A laser and light show take place. During the final moments, Spotlights pop up in various places.

  • Plato and Electra swing on the Trapezes.
  • Like regular productions, the boot drops

  • Quaxo sings the Invitation
  • Munkustrap sings the slow part but most of the ensemble chime in at certain moments

  • There is no "Beetle's Tattoo" instead, the cats are cleaning the stage in a comical way

  • Quaxo sings the "terrible bore" line
  • Alonzo gets to be Tugger's chair
  • During the dance break, T…

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Becky Naylor Becky Naylor 28 December 2020

*new character*

he's called Cugger.

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 27 October 2020

The Nature of "Swings"

I've been browsing through the wiki ("Random page" button when you're bored!) and it occurs to me it's potentially a bit misleading to label all "Walking Covers" as "Swings". In London, the "Walking Cover" was specifically the standby for the Old Deut and Gus tracks. Many productions have cast someone specifically for these roles, the first cover for the non-dancing but big-voiced male roles.

Traditionally, a Swing covers ensemble dancing roles while the smaller roles will understudy the principals - in Cats this pattern isn't generally closely observed and swings will cover all the characters. But listing someone who is an operatic baritone as "Swing in Cats" conjures up images far from the truth!

There's other minefields in the Swings c…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 9 October 2020

Wiki Continues Updating

Oh hey! The Special:Community page is back! I don't know how many people actually use it, but it's quite handy if you don't have a particular project in mind. For example, it links to the shortest pages, which in turn throws up interesting questions about the least-known cast members - are Katrin Schlegel and Katrin Schober the same person? hmmm....

I have some (not especially high) hopes that, as they are continuing to try to fix this new update, that the super annoying and broken elements will automatically be fixed. Specifically, the Galleries which are such a big part of our content - I would say hold off on adding code to try to improve them for a couple more weeks, as if they do indeed fix it from the top down, we'll just need to …

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Emptycorpse Emptycorpse 6 October 2020

Should Stockholm 2009 count as a separate production

Quick question, but should / does Stockholm 2009 count as a separate production page from the Gothenburg 2006 production? The 2009 shows shared the same set, characters, and costumes, and in many cases actors / production staff, as the mentioned 2006 shows, so my opinion would be no because they are essentially the same. The only reason for my inquiry would be the clearly different city and year. I have edited the Gothenburg page to reflect the Stockholm 'revival' (and added a few images), but I am not sure if it seems off with multiple run timelines and locations as currently listed.

My apologies if the blog feature is not the best way to inquire about this. I want to ensure added information is correct, but not in the wrong place. Thanks…

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Emptycorpse Emptycorpse 4 October 2020

Non-Replica Productions - Adding / Editing

Can someone kindly give some feedback / guidance on what is 'allowed' in terms of adding and editing (professionally staged) non-replica Cats productions in the wiki? This is going to be a bit of a multi-faceted inquiry.

Firstly, what specifically is needed for productions to be faithful enough to be added beyond being based on Cats? Is it the visual aspect, musical (song / lyrics / audio) aspect, or a combination of both? At the moment, there are the Mexico 2013 and 2018 productions, which follow very close to the story of Cats, outside of variance in more vibrant costume designs. Productions like Gothenburg have additional named chorus cats, but still stick close enough to be recognizable, aside from the different set design and slight ch…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 30 September 2020

Wiki Updates

So, you guys might have noticed that the wiki has updated to new software. I have been trying to follow as a lot, a LOT of people are super unhappy about the way their wikis work now, and things are still fluid and changing.

At the moment, our galleries look... kinda... awful, to be honest. However, I'd suggest holding off trying to manually override the formatting for now, because if there's a site-wide setting we can change that would be far better than editing every single page!

The "Wiki Activity" page used to be the busiest page on this wiki by more than double anything else, and as you can see, it's been removed. There's a lot of very unhappy people about this change too.

I'm hoping, however, silver lining, that the blog feature has…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 21 August 2020

About Photos

I know I drone on about photos and file names and it gets super boring - but it's with good reason, I promise!

Just the other day I was explaining how, if you find a mis-named file, you need to flag it up with me to correct the filename because just editing the description isn't enough...  and now, a mis-named file I was too lazy to change the filename and just edited the description got mis-attributed.  Entirely my fault for causing the confusion by not bothering to edit when I knew I needed to!

  • So. The most important piece of information about a photo is the character/s it shows.  That's what the filename needs to tell us first. 
  • Next most useful, in terms of finding a particular image, and if you're checking if that image already exists in…
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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 29 July 2020

Cats US Circus Tour Score

"Overture" - The same as original

The french horn during 0:30-0:43 is replaced with Electric guitars

the cats enter the tent with the green eyes                                                                                                      

"Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" - The same as original

Jonathan and Victoria swing on the trapeze 

"The Naming of Cats" - The same as original

"The Old Gumbie Cat" - Munkustrap sings 

"The Rum Tum Tugger" - The same as original

"Grizabella" - The same as original

"Bustopher Jones" - The same as original

"Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" - The same as original 

"Old Deuteronomy" - The same as original

"The Awefull Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles" - The same as original 

"The Song of the Jellicles" -  The …

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Aiden516 Aiden516 28 July 2020


Cats is featured in an episode of the podcast "Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour" on August 2, 2016. 

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Aiden516 Aiden516 21 July 2020

Cats Podcast 2

This musical is featured in an episode of the podcast, "Jim & Tomic's Musical Theater Happy Hour," on February 13, 2020. 

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Aiden516 Aiden516 19 July 2020

Cats Podcast

This musical is featured in an episode of the podcast, "Musicals with Cheese," on January 10, 2020. 

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 9 July 2020

Original Japanese Cast IDs

So, the 1983 Original Japanese Cast includes lovely clear headshots.  But there's four images that are not attached to four character names...  The very last row of the gallery on this page.   So if anyone wants to take a stab...

I've been re-naming all the mis-named photos, and there's a lot of mis-named photos in this category!

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 5 July 2020

Photo Cropping Question?

Ok, so generally speaking, I'll edit photos and crop off white spaces around the actual image - the borders distract the eye from the content.

But what about when it comes to Polaroids, like this one?  Would it be better to crop it down, or leave the distinctive white frame? In this particular example it's a fairly recent (2014) image, but the analogue format makes it seem much older. This is only really explained by the fact it is specifically a Polaroid, when you'd expect a digital camera image. But, regardless of brand of camera, the white border is a distraction... what's more important, explaining the quality or focusing on the image?

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 7 June 2020


Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 18:45, June 7, 2020 (UTC)

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 4 June 2020

Dusseldorf and German Tour

I'm going through the photos - there's a lot of sorting out needed - and I've got so many images that I just don't know which production they belong to.

Essentially, the Dusseldorf production WAS the German tour - it just did so well in Dusseldorf that they extended the tour stop to a total of 12 months. 

So my big question is...  should we actually merge these two production categories?  The only practical changes between the Dusseldorf and further touring dates were the cast (to be expected after 12 months) and the locations!  In all meaningful respects it's one continuous production, should we not represent it as such here?  Similarly to how we have the Blackpool leg of the Palladium production on the same heading, Amsterdam separate year…

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Xander2206 Xander2206 28 May 2020

New version of growltigers last stand and musical score

Sorry if the title isn't very clear anyways i'll get onto the point.

I watched the london revival and blackpool transfer of cats and i noticed that growltigers last stand was different. I learned from the wiki that it was changed and i'm asking if anyone has a recording or better a video of the new version. I think it was used in Both london revivals, blackpool, france revival, vienna revival, austrialia tour and early stages of the world tour. I really want to hear it again.

My second query is does anyone have a score for the jellicle ball. The songbook is no use so i'm wondering if any cast members have one lying around that they could take some pictures of (is this legal?, idk.) I'm trying to compare the differences between the old and ne…

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Dizzycomputer Dizzycomputer 18 May 2020

Who are these cats?

  • From Broadway 1983, looks very similar to Carbucketty. He doesn't have Pouncival's eye patch but I think he's Pouncival or a swing covering Pounce - he's in Pouncival's spot between Skimble and Jenny in the original Broadway Pyramid formation.
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MadMaxArtist MadMaxArtist 17 May 2020


I'd love to keep working on the Wiki again! (Also the StEx wiki!)

I'm very experienced in formatting as I have excellent Photoshop skills (I've taken a course on it this year). I'd love to make some nice graphics and such. 

Belle, if you have any suggestions please let me know - I'd love to work on this project again.



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Belle pullman Belle pullman 26 April 2020

Cast List Image Pages

Basically, I want the "Unused Images" category back! At the moment there's some 500 cast list images in there.  They're valuable as reference, not particularly interesting for the public, so I'm just going to load them all into galleries.  So far I've started with London Production/Cast List References, but since the "Unused Images" category is cached and updates maybe once a day, I'll wait for it to pull out those images before I get to the next one. I really hope those promised software updates improve that kind of thing... dynamic response in categories would be fab!

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Dizzycomputer Dizzycomputer 11 April 2020

Character Infoboxes

The "Also Known As" field takes up a lot of unnecessary (imo) space in some characters' infoboxes (see Jennyanydots for eg). Furthermore, it may just confuse readers to have both "Alternate Versions" and "Also Known As" in the infoboxes, plus the character nicknames being mixed in there as well.

Would it be better if we moved all the international names from the infobox to its own section in the article? We could even note all the productions that use each name as well as the meaning behind each name (e.g. Gatusalem = Gato + Matusalem). The Also Known As field can then be used solely for the character's nicknames ("The Gumbie Cat", "The Napoleon of Crime" etc ).

  • 1 Infoboxes
    • 1.1 Bill Bailey
      • 1.1.1 International Names
    • 1.2 Griddlebone
      • 1.2.1 International…

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Dizzycomputer Dizzycomputer 5 April 2020

Italian Lyrics

I can't find any of the Italian lyrics used in Italian Tour 2009, even though there's an official cast recording (can be found on Youtube here). Does anyone know where to find the lyrics? Or perhaps someone here is familiar enough with Italian to transcribe them directly?

For that matter, I can't find the Polish lyrics for The Song of the Jellicles/Polish either, even though all the other songs on the cast recording have been transcribed on the internet. The Polish "Song of the Jellicles" can be found on Youtube as well.

And.. the Norwegian lyrics for "Memory/Norwegian" (not the Single Version) is not available either. The cast recording can be found on Youtube here.

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NackyTwelve NackyTwelve 1 March 2020

Covers of Memory

Mireille Mathieu sings the haunting French version.

Marianne Rosenberg sings the heartbreaking German version, called Traumzeit.

Unfortunately at this time there is no upload of it anywhere.

Both singers don't use lyrics that come from the musical however, and they take on their own original stories using the music.

The Rosendberg German verison is extremely rare but have the more profound lyrics, imo.

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 25 February 2020

Unknown Hamburg Cast Members

Renee Chambers Is One Of The Ones That Has Been In The Show But Isn't On The Wiki She Has Previously Shown That She Was In The Show But When? Here Is Proof 

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Dizzycomputer Dizzycomputer 16 February 2020

White Cat Solo

I think Victoria's solo should be separated from the Invitation and have its own page. Below is what I've come up with for the page.

I think it'll be useful to split the solo into its various parts, and maybe write a short description for each. But I'm not sure what to label each segment. We can name them after the techniques being performed in each section, but I'm not familiar with dance terminology. Anyone has ideas?

The "White Cat Solo" is a ballet solo performed by Victoria, symbolising the character's coming of age. The number is a slow, lyrical dance that requires extensive flexibility, balance and classical technique.

  • 1 Context
  • 2 Gallery
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 References

After "The Naming of Cats", the other cats disperse into the shadows, leaving Victoria…

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Dizzycomputer Dizzycomputer 6 February 2020

Revamp lyrics format

Perhaps it's time to change the lyrics format we use on this wiki (e.g. Memory#Lyrics). The blockquotes don't look nice in mobile view imo and the blockquotes source code is tedious (sometimes it indents and sometimes it doesn't; need to add

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 20 January 2020

My Boston Trip

I Get To Boston Around 3:45 And It Is FREEZING! So My Dad And I Go Get Some Dinner At Mooyah! (Funny Name Right?) So At 5:30, The Theater Door Opened. I Saw The Call Board: At This Performance, The Role Of Mungojerrie Will Be Played By Tony D'Alelio And Pouncival Will Be Played By Devin Hatch.  I Use The Bathroom Hanging My Coat And Headphones (Which Would Go Missing And Send Me Into "Mom's Gonna Kill Me!" Mode)

We Get To Our Seats 

The Show Was Amazing

Then We Get To The Stage Door

Keri Came Out And Spotted Me First And Gave Me A Big Hug Followed By Others. 

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 9 January 2020

My Dream Trip

NOTE 1: This Is Fake

NOTE 2: This Is Based On Disney World Meet And Greets Of Tommy DeBrisay On YouTube.

NOTE 3: I Will Be Making A Video Called "My Message To The Cast Of The US Tour Of Cats"

NOTE 4: If You Have Any Connections With Cast Members Of The Show, Send The This.

I Get To The Opera House Stage Door After An Early Dinner.

I Wait For A Few Minutes Then All Of A Sudden McGee Maddox Comes Out Of Nowhere.

"Hey! It's The Famous Andy I Have Seen Before"! He Explained To Me How He Showed Some Of The Cast The "My Message To The Cast Of The US Tour Of Cats" Video I Made.

While We Are Talking, I Hear Nevada Riley Screaming "ANDY!" 

I Turn Around And I See Her AND Melody Rose! 

"I Thought It Was Just You For Some Reason"! I Say, Hugging Them Both.


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Belle pullman Belle pullman 7 January 2020

To Do List, Jan 2020:


  • What happened with the London premiere?  I know it got cancelled, but how early on?  We know Tom Hooper was still editing the day before the NYC premiere.
  • Photos of the ensemble characters?  Can they be identified?
  • Dubbing cast lists needed.

Character Galleries need splitting - seems to be working.  They also need updating?


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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 31 December 2019

My Dream Version Of The Show

My Dream Version: 

Overture: The Lights Go Black, Cats Go Around In Theater With The Famous "Green Eyes" While Some Cats Are On Stage For A Split Second Lighting Effect. A Bunch Of Lights Go On Stage To Form The Logo.

Jellicle Songs: Car Headlights Scare Demeter As She Runs Away. One By One The Cats Appear

The Naming Of Cats: Same As Original Staging

Invitation: Same Staging

Gumbie Cat: Same (With Original Tap) 

Rum Tum Tugger: The Rap Version Starts Playing But Tugger (Backstage) Says "NO WAY"! And The Rockstar Version Comes On.

Grizabella: Same Same Staging

Bustopher Jones: The Same Staging But Once In A While, A Piece Of Food Crosses The Stage, Bustopher Tries To Get It But Gets Pulled Away.

Mungo&Rumple: Jazz Version But With The Double Cartwhe…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 27 December 2019

Movie Dubs - Individual pages

Please feel free to argue with me, but it seems excessive to have pages for the people who voiced the foreign dubs of the Cats Movie?  Unless they've also been in the show, of course...  it's not like they've fully performed in the show, just sung for the movie.  Wouldn't a cast list be sufficient?  What benefit is there for a page with just the one credit for a small involvement?  It's not going to be a large part of anyone's career!  And as the show is released in multiple languages, we're going to have a lot of very minimal value pages.  It just doesn't seem worth it.

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