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This is the gallery for the character of Bill Bailey. For alternate productions see Tumblebrutus/Gallery.


UK Productions[]

Original London Production[]

Peter Barry in the Original Cast, 1981

Subsequent London Casts[]

UK Tours[]

UK Tour 1989[]

UK Tour 1993-95[]

This tour featured Electra but not Bill Bailey.

UK/European Tour 2003-2009[]

UK/European Tour 2013-14[]

London/Blackpool Revival[]

UK/International Tour[]

UK Tour 2016

UK Tour 2017

UK Tour 2018 (01/2018-10/2018)

UK Tour 2018 (12/2018-04/2019)

UK Tour 2019

UK Tour 2022

Australian Productions[]

Australia NZ 2015[]

Asia Tour 2017[]

Asia Tour 2020[]

South Korea 2020

Taiwan 2022

Asia Tour 2022-2023[]

Other Productions[]


Vienna 1983-1990[]

Vienna used both Bill Bailey and Tumblebrutus.


South Africa/World Tour 2001-05[]

"Swing" Bill Bailey


China 2012[]

Named Swing; actor covers Mungojerrie, Tumblebrutus, and Grumbuskin

Paris 2015[]

Vienna 2019[]